Customer Retention with Email Marketing? Follow these 10 effective ways

June 13, 2018

Marketing is all about the promoting the brand and the products to the large audience. While the traditional ways such as print media are still working, email marketing in the recent times has become the business trend to reach the customers around the world.

The marketing strategies should be such that the customers should never get bored of your brand or the products. With the changing world, you have to pace with it. While the business running successful does not need too much marketing, the real struggle comes when you have to retain the customers who have lost the interest in your brand or some product.

For those who are thinking what the customer retention is and also have little knowledge about email marketing, here’s the answer to the queries.

The loyal customers provide the maximum profits to the business in the large number. So what will happen when the large percentage of loyal customers will turn away to your competitor for the better quality? Maybe its time to retain them as it is crucial for your business and the brand value.

Customer Retention

To maximize the customer value, it is important to work on the activities so as to increase the number of loyal customers and also to repeat them. Customer engagement adds to the customer value.

Customer retention is crucial for those business who have the good reputed number of loyal customers. For the new business people, it is important for you to focus on gaining more customers.

Yet for all the business owners it is important to pay attention to your already existing loyal customers. It is them who will help you to gain the maximum profits.

After learning the fact about customer retention, it is important to understand how to boost it?

The different business kind have different ways to retain customers. There are some helpful approaches to do it in the right way irrespective the type of business you own:

  1. Utilizing customer accounts
  2. Fixing customer services
  3. Launching the customer loyalty program
  4. Sending the right kind of emails
  5. Subscription for the offers, discounts, or credits to earn revenue.

All these approaches are great to execute, profiting best results. These strategies will work if you are new to the business and would like to retain the customers during the considerable period.

If your business already have the loyal customers, then your focus should be to increase their purchase frequency. So how do you do it? Email marketing is the way to get through it.

Why email marketing and not any other approach?

Learning the fact that 80% major brands have adopt email marketing to earn loyal customers, it is also used to boost the customer retention as well.

Another reason for this approach to retain the customers is the simplicity, personal and direct than other marketing strategies. The best part is, people like to receive the emails from their favorite brand.

The kind of emails that boosts Customer retention are:

6. Welcome Emails

These are the emails to make the good first impressions on the customers, especially new one. Brief introduction to your business/ brand, sign-up offers or some other first-time offers for the customers, and ask them to follow your brand on all social media platforms.

Just a pro-tip; Add your recent social media post to the bottom of welcome email- making it more attractive and pleasing. You can include simple/ easy polls, to create the follow-up customized emails based on the customer’s preference answered in the poll.

Example: If the customer answers that he shops more perfumes over the cuffs, you can send him the follow up customized email based on the answer.

7. Abandoned cart Emails

Customer visits your e-commerce store, adds some product to the cart, leave the cart abandon and then forget about it. This is the great opportunity for you to make some profit.

Abandoned cart emails/ cart recovery emails are short, simple, straightforward and work as a gentle reminder to the customer. Such customer retention emails will help you to encourage the customers to revise their cart, completing the purchase.

8. Loyalty Emails

Appreciating the person for their goodness encourages them to be more like that. Do the same with your loyal customers- make them feel appreciated with the loyalty emails. This way you are giving them the reason to stay connected with you and your brand.

Combine the loyalty emails with the loyalty reward programs, customized offers particularly for them, and also you can provide the tailor-made product list which they might be interested to purchase. Loyalty emails make the customers feel how important they are for you.

9. After purchase Emails

Send the customized emails combining it with products the customer might be interested in to purchase it. You can send such emails based on the customer’s previous purchase from your website.

You can even send the after purchase emails to those customers who have not shopped anything since long time from your e-commerce store. Such emails will give you an opportunity to earn the profits and also customer will feel appreciated.

Once you decide the right email marketing approach for the customer retention, it is important to learn which and what kind of tools will help you to write the effective emails.

10. Here are some suggestions and recommendations available online.

  • Mailmentor

    It is the free available tool helping you to know whether your email is reader-friendly or not, how much time will it take to read the entire email and also recommends the necessary changes.

  • Boomeranggmail

    You can schedule your emails with this online tool, thus your emails will be sent to the audience at the most available time.

  • Writing Papers

    It is the professional writer service that provides writer who are specialized in email writing. Either you want to create short email or long one, it is the ideal tool to ensure that you receive the best responses from the customers.

  • Grammarly

    It is free online tool to detect the grammatical errors from the email content. You can even add it as the extension to save the time.

For any business/ brand/ company, customers are the most important asset. It is vital for you to focus on the customer relation improvement to earn the maximum profits and to make the name in the market.

About the author:

David Jones

David is the head of digital marketing for SparkEmail design, one of the most enterprising email design and coding companies. With strong marketing hooks and an adept understanding of social media,David chips in out-of-the box inputs for email campaigns. With a passionate flare for writing copies, David is also a rigorous reader. Best know as the flag bearer for all things creative, David’s writing style is contemporary with a touch of old world charm to it.

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