How custom email template designs are better than ready to use email templates?

September 3, 2019

Email template designs are large contributing elements to the success of one’s email campaign.

Another critical aspect that dictates the responsiveness to an email campaign is the type of email template design to incorporate. Deciding whether a pre-made or custom made email template design better suits your needs can be tricky.

In case, you are torn apart with the dilemma of which one to opt for, SparkEmail is here to save your day!

Bit by bit, we are going to break down the factors that matter the most in this vital decision making.

Familiarity and know how of email marketing

Regardless of if you have been in the market for a while or are a budding startup if you are a novice navigating the enormous sea of email marketing, it is in your best interest to figure out its cherry-picks.

If you or your business are just starting out with email marketing, first things first, figure out if email marketing is your cup of tea. Prior investing all your precious money and time resources into it, trying getting to the bottom of it. Ascertain what type of email marketing approach would work efficiently for your business. What kind of content grabs the attention of your audiences and engages them the most? What delivery time and day works performs the best etc.

If you are embarking on your initial steps towards email marketing, a rational decision would be to fixate upon email templates.

If you are one of those are well versed with email marketing and understand what floats your boats? Awesome! Then there’s no better time like now to boost your email marketing strategy with custom email design templates. Custom HTML email templates help your brand to stand out from the rest of the crowd. These are an excellent tool to conceptualize your brand’s essence into an email marketing campaign.

Unique brand identity and scope for personalization

Chiefly, a major chunk of several pre-made email templates are the ones that come pre-built in your email service provider(ESP).

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Personalization of standard pre-made templates is based upon:

1) The characteristics of the template

2) The functionality of the ESP

Most basic email templates are confined in the scope of individualization and brand recognization options. They may grant the ease to switch up the fonts or even the colours but not the whole layout itself, nor particular design details.

The foremost benefits of opting for custom email design are:

1) They offer maximum brand uniformity across differing marketing platforms

2) They provide the flexibility to achieve full personalization

ESP’s capabilities

Your search for wholesome templates, irrespective of the custom made or built-in selection, is predominantly influenced by the ESP you take on. Another detrimental factor is the functionality of the ESP.

By and large, ESPs make standard email template available. These usually come inclusive in your subscription plan. Speaking in terms of the variety and the visual appeal of the ready to use templates, they might not necessarily be compatible with your ideal functionality or design.

An alternatively significant functionality factor to consider is your ESP’s support for custom HTML. Do not assume for granted that every platform provides a visual editor for custom templates. A couple of platforms back up HTML paste only. Do ensure that your ESP has the correct type of email editor.

Look out for an ESP with a diverse range of designs, flexible layouts, and mobile-friendly templates that look great on any device. Free image hosting is a bonus. Got too much work cut out for you? Fret not! Your search for a wholesome custom made templates ends with SparkEmail Design!

Maximum reusability

Concerning email marketing a top priority for several businesses revolve around:

  • Recyclable templates or
  • Multipurpose templates or 
  • Renewable templates

Reusability is undeniably a deciding factor when picking between a custom newsletter design or a ready to use one.

When working within a tight budget or running too close to a deadline it is wise to take the reusability factor of an email template into account.

In this context, a ready to use email template hardly gives any room for flexibility or change except for a few basic changes like colour or content. Generally, a pre-built email template offers little scope for layout or design changes.

Meanwhile, with a custom built email template, alterations to meet another email campaign’s requirement are possible. Making tweaks to it is a sure shot more budget-friendly means than beginning from scratch. Make the most of the reusability of your email template by investing in your custom made email template. This way you won’t burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time provide a tailor-made personalized experience to your target audience.

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Spending capacity

Without a doubt, your budget commands the outcome of your custom-designed email template versus a pre-made email template dilemma.

Given that standard, ready to use templates are usually covered in the subscription plan that one has singled out with the ESP. For those seeking economically feasible options, the pre-built templates are the ideal choice.

On the other hand, personalized email template designs can be expensive. Custom design and coding costs depend upon the template designers you work with. At the same time, if nicely done, customized email templates have the potential to generate a substantially high ROI. In the long run, they strengthen the customer brand relationship. While for the near future, they reach the goals of specific campaigns.

If you set your priorities right, deciding between a standard email template and a custom email design template should be a cakewalk for you! If you are someone who is looking for a personalized email template that realizes your brand’s vision, SparkEmail could be a great fit for your custom email design needs.

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