How does a welcome email boost your relationship with your subscriber list?

July 15, 2019

Creating an engaged and sticky customer base is a primary challenge for most businesses seeking to leverage email marketing. Thus, welcoming your customers in a professional way is an absolute must. Keep your brand on top of your subscriber’s mind by crafting an experience that creates connection and warmth.

An email welcome series campaign places you in command of how your subscribers. If a subscriber is new to your email list, what do they need to know about your business? If your business sells a product or service, it might be like the following:

      1. How your business’s products/services work?
      2. How your brand is different from your competitors?
      3. What good things people have to say, like about your brand.
      4. An irresistible special offer!

An email welcome series campaign generates trust and acts as a means to establish a relationship with your clientele. Therefore, making an amazing first impression matters the most.

For this giant task, a single welcome email is just not enough to set the stage. Don’t stop just after one email: once you have engaged your target group with a couple of initial emails, tap unto that momentum going and set the ball rolling with a drip series of beneficial content.

Here’s how using a welcome email series boots building a relationship with your subscriber list:

Step 1- Be acquainted with your subscribers:

Understand what your subscribers like/dislike, what do they want or need. Do your R & D to really know your customers. Attain knowledge of their tastes, interests, and habits. Familiarize yourself with their patterns and trends.

Step 2- Educate new subscribers about yourself:


In the very first email, enlighten your subscribers and let them know everything about your business’s/brand’s offering. In a brief manner, communicate to your customers what your brand is, what it stands for and its goals, aspirations, etc. Let this first mail be a guide to what the clients can expect out of your business in the future.

Step 3- See through your customer’s eyes:


Identify your clients’ requirements and problems. Realize that they have signed up with the intention of being able to troubleshoot and attain a solution for their issue. In your second email, attach a success story, testimonial or even a case study to illustrate to your subscribers your brand’s capabilities. Be mindful, put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes.

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Step 4- Provide them with substantial proof:

Provide evidence that validates your business from third parties. Present them with an authentication of the quality of your products/services. Demonstrate how your skills have been appreciated/recommended. Give them something solid to believe in and instill their trust in.

Step 5- Be sure to give out an advisory warning:

Be certain to sow a forethought amongst your subscribers. Warn your subscribers in the scenario of delayed action on their behalf. Tell them a cautionary story of what could happen if people stall undertaking a measure. Let them know their concern can be resolved by incorporating your service or product.

Step 6- Exhibit your competencies:


Demonstrate your talents and accomplishments. Establish your brand as an entity that your subscriber can look up to and have some useful takeaway value. If your business was featured somewhere, won an accolade or was positively critiqued on a significant platform do mention it. Showcase your skills supremely so that your subscribers understand there is lots to learn from your brand.

Step 7- Leave them wanting for more. Always.

Irrespective of whatever you decide upon to do in your welcome email campaign series, at the end of the mail, do not forget to include a snippet of something that your business shall be covering in the next email. Treat it as a sort of a teaser to what they can expect next. Only reveal enough to generate speculation and excitement among your subscribers, something that they shall await eagerly and look forward to.

Take away-

Bear in mind, your relationship with your subscriber list is like any other, one that will demand consistent effort. Also, take into consideration, your subscribers will open your emails for as long as there is something in it for them.

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Conclusively, reap the tremendous advantages of welcome email’s massive open rate by using welcome email’s content to efficiently onboard new subscribers.

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