5 Emails Every Business Must Send

April 25, 2017

If you are running a business, then your marketing team must be sending the promotional, welcome, inventory, e-newsletter or survey emails. Does these emails are making your business progress or really annoying the readers? The question needs to be wisely answered.

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Email marketing has certain tactics that needs to be followed. Which type of email should be send at which time is very much important for raising your email marketing. In this blog post, we are going to have a deep discussion about the email marketing communication. By gaining the comprehensive knowledge, you will be able to take a good decision regarding the frequency and time-period for sending the email.

Welcome Email

A welcome email is the virtual handshake with the customer. So it is the very first email, the user is going to read after getting subscribe. Hence, it is the first stone for building the long-term relationship with the customer. Therefore, the first email should be very much impressive and written in a war-welcoming way. Additionally, you can offer a reward by offering them a 50 % discount on the very first purchase from your store.

Promotional Emails

With the help of these emails, you can launch or promote your product. By these emails you can update the users with the latest offers, upcoming sale and discount offer. Craft the email beautiful with elegant graphics to give a clear message about your offer to the viewers. These emails are having the maximum chances of falling in the promotional tab. Hence, compose the email carefully with a sense of urgency.

New Inventory Emails

Whenever your company launches something new, the emails about the specific product should be landed in the subscriber’s inbox immediately. All the information related to the product with the image (if possible) should be send in the email. By viewing the snaps of the product, the customer will have more clarity of your product. Through the subject line, convey the message of new launched product.

Newsletter Emails

The e-newsletter must be send to the customers who have long-term relationship with your brand. Let them know about your company’s progress. Quarterly or yearly these emails must be send. Make sure you have a clean email list with valid email addresses before sending the email.

Survey Emails

Last but not the least, it is essential to send the survey emails to the customers. By the survey emails, you can collect the information that can improve the customer experience. For increasing the customer’s engagement, you can also offer incentive for filling the survey form. With the survey form, reasons for doing the survey should be mentioned in the email.

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