How to Use Accordions in Email Marketing

Accordion – A weapon empowering you to express more in less space

In an era of cut-throat competition, to be amongst the Survival of the Fittest becomes a basic need, particularly at a time when Time is Money! When an email is scanned in few seconds, it is utmost important to deliver the right information to your client in concise time. But therein lies a big challenge of not having two clients looking for an identical information – even if it happens so, the chance is 1 in 1000! Hence, we need to utilize the interactive elements of email like Accordion, which helps to categorize the email content into tabs which expands or contracts based on user interaction. In this way, email can be catered to various information without having to increase its overall length. Besides, the end-user gets the choice of skipping information as per their wish.

Advantages of Accordion

1.According to one research, with accordions, emails could stack up content into smart categories and accommodate a lot of it in a sleek manner. If information is collapsed and only titles are shown, almost 600% of vertical space is saved (assuming a paragraph is five lines and a title is one line long).
2.The Interest of user experience is sustained chiefly because contents are not heavy. It saves the time of users/readers by enabling them to read what they like and save their precious time.
3.Normally, You can’t measure how much your email was read but marketers easily and readily prefer Accordion since it can measure the clicks on the tabs and identify which area of information was of more interest to their clients. The statistical analysis provided therein can help marketers improve their next email strategy.

Compatibility and Limitations

Accordion works only on mobile email clients that support external CSS but doesn’t work on Windows-based clients, Gmail App and third party Apps.


David Jones

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