What are average Email Open Rates and Click-Through Rates

As a marketing professional, each one of us continuously wishes to know how our email marketing campaigns are doing against a tough (and mainly unknown) competition in the market. One of the answers to this question lies in the fact of knowing our Open Rates - which happens to be one of the most important performance metrics that we should pay our close attention to. Hence, business owners keep track of these five key email marketing metrics (written by Mary Fernandez under “What’s a Good Em

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Sales Stats for Email, Phone, Voicemail, and Social Selling

SALES - is one of the most powerful means of “Marketing” which can be considered as - Search (for the Right Client at the Right Venue at the Right Time); Attitude (whilst talking with your Client); Listen (to your Client’s exact needs); Express (two-way communication with your client quite explicitly; Secure (by closing a deal with your Client). Sandler, one of the world’s most powerful global training organizations, expresses the idea of two options in sales - If you fail to convince yo

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How to use Flip & Scratch in Email Marketing

If a flip of a coin produces a tinkling sound & the scratch of a wound a throbbing pound, then a fine blend of flip & scratch is bound to mound best offers, particularly, when the services of Spark Email are found! In email campaigns, scratch effect helps you to send out coupons, offers & other discount codes which can help redeem easily. Hence, whatever you need to show in a progressive manner, scratch is always there to help you! Likewise, Flip in fact helps you to actually cut down on lengt

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