Social Media Audiences are Good; but Email Audiences are Better

What is better to have 3,000 email newsletter subscribers or 30,000 social media followers. It is a tricky and difficult question. Be careful while answering it, because it is directly going to impact your business. While all of you know the answer that social media offers a vast potential of the audience, but does it make any sense to your business. There are many reasons that email marketing is far more good and better than social media marketing for increasing your trade. Traffic Rush Em

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Tips to Maintain a Clean and Valid Email List

Email marketing is one of the strongest tools in any email marketing campaign. The real pressure lies on the marketing team for increasing the success rate of an email campaign. Marketers are not happy with the low open rate of emails. Unlike, the principal belief for having a low email opening rate is due to irrelevant content, but the marketers forget that this might happen due to incorrect email ids in the email listing. In a survey report on email listing, the truth reveals out that 60 %

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How to Use Accordions in Email Marketing

Accordion - A weapon empowering you to express more in less space In an era of cut-throat competition, to be amongst the Survival of the Fittest becomes a basic need, particularly at a time when Time is Money! When an email is scanned in few seconds, it is utmost important to deliver the right information to your client in concise time. But therein lies a big challenge of not having two clients looking for an identical information - even if it happens so, the chance is 1 in 1000! Hence, we nee

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