How to customize mailchimp email template when you are your own boss

December 7, 2017

Everyone is talking about the MailChimp email templates being so good and popular yet very few of them share the tips to customize the MailChimp email templates.

What is the greatest thing about the MailChimp email templates is the designs and the how it fits on the mobile screens as well as PC.

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Many times we choose the right marketing automation platform yet we fail to make the conversions. There are several reasons behind this although.

We have shared some tips and the suggestions for how you can customize the MailChimp email templates with few add-ons and the ideas to do so. There are many aspects you can look after while customizing the MailChimp email template but we have shared the important ones which can help you to customize it way better.




The basic idea of sending the email templates is to sell the business or the brand to the customers.

Anything that is related to it, you can easily share it with the customers and for that, the email marketing automation platform can help you.

Once you have decided the content for the customized email template, you can easily then share and send it to the customers and the subscribers.

As an email marketer, you have to intensively focus on the message and the right content of the email.

Keep the message in your customized MailChimp email very clean and straightforward. Do not create the lengthy message for the email template. If you have to, then divide it into the series. The series email will work better to broadcast your message to the customers.

The best way to do so is to simplify the message on the email template. Create the short message and put it in the template.

If you cannot simplify the content/ message further about your offer, discount or the product, then do not complicate it. More the simple message on the customize email template, more it is easier for the customer to open and read it.

When you create the short and sweet content for the customized MailChimp email template, make sure to prioritize the message.

HOW? Take the look at your content and message you want to share with the customer/ subscriber.

What do you want them to look first at your message? Is it the discount you are offering to them or some new product you are going to launch in the next few days?

Since your customers/ subscribers are running out of the time, make sure to list the most important message above everything.

It can be for two or four lines but prioritize it well. This will help those readers who do not have time to read the entire email but will look forward to your template if you have explained to them what you have in the store to offer them. If you cannot summarize it in the short sentences, create bullet list and use the appropriate heading.

This will help you to divide the content/ message into the sections, tables or the listicles. It becomes easy to understand the email and also the reader will be able to go through your email completely in a single glance.

Another best way to sort the lengthy content for the customized MailChimp email template is to link the URL of the website in the message.

Doing so, it will enable the reader or the subscriber to learn more about your business or the brand.

Even if you are the first timer MailChimp email template user, you cannot deny the fact that they all look unique and colorful.

There is no way that any customer/ subscriber will overlook at the email if it is being customized with the MailChimp email template.

The right way to select the MailChimp email template is to start with the basic one.

To do so, select the basic MailChimp email template which will suit the layout that you would like to use for your business/ brand.

Once you have round up the template, with the help of the drag and drop editor, you can add content, colors and even styles to the template.

Sometimes what happens is, the customization of the MailChimp email templates consumes the time, even after sending the emails.

MailChimp here offers great feature- Save the template.

It is not necessary to start over again for the customization of the MailChimp templates. You can save the template you have already created and then as per the requirement, you can modify it and then use however you want to.




Your customer receives 100 emails a day. They would not give attention to every email they receive in the mailbox.

To prevent yourself from being that “IGNORED” brand, make sure that you use your brand’s logo on the top of the customized email template.

If not the logo, then you can specify your name in the bold characters and the fonts.

To do so, make sure that you customize the MailChimp email template with the section where you can put your company’s logo or the name visible enough to the reader.




The right colors and the color combinations can attract the best customers to the brand and the business.

There are many popular brands who have simply use the contrast colors targeting the audience preferably according to the product they are selling.

While customizing the MailChimp email template for the marketing purpose, you have to be sure about which colors will lead to the increased amount of click-through rates and the conversions.

We have the suggestive tip here. As the email marketer, you can use the single or two colors in the combination.

Anything more than that will not look appealing to the reader and therefore the click-through rates will be affected by the negative curve.

You can even customize the MailChimp email template using the colors of your brand logo.

To make it more attractive to the reader, you can divide the content into the header and the footer, dividing the body content.

Once the division is done, you can add the different color to the header and footer so that reader can identify the focus of your message easily.


Visuals and Images


As the suggestive tip, we have already shared to include the logo of your brand on the customized MailChimp email templates.

The simple text-based email will look plain and also boring.

Therefore you can use the right images for your brand and the business on the customized MailChimp email template.

You can use the photos of your products or the services integrated with your brand logo. Once the right photos have chosen, you can even add the background color accordingly.

It is not necessary to be the professional photographer to include the images of your products. You can make use of the third party photography sites to choose the right image for your MailChimp email template.

After you have selected the right images and the photos for your email template, if not needed do not make the changes on it.

Include only those images which do not require any sizing or the alterations on it.




People do not have the whole day to read your email and therefore it becomes vital to save their time and also conveying your message to them.

According to the research, people spend approximately 15 seconds to read the marketing emails.

Utilize this 15 seconds for the customer to impress them. Create the impressive layout keeping your message short and simple.

You can prioritize the content format if you want and accordingly you can then modify it.

While prioritizing it, make sure that you also maintain some white space between the content.

Try not to cover the MailChimp email template design completely with the content. The white space will make your template design visible and also the content will be interpretative.

Once your MailChimp email layout is ready, you can then decide the text and image alignment.

If you are customizing the email template with lots of visuals then you can include the text of 4-5 lines below it with centrally aligned.

If the email template layout includes more content and less number of images, then you can align the text to the left side.

Maintain the standard of the email template by sticking to the one alignment format. Consistency will allow you to keep the MailChimp email template fuzz-free.

The entire content can be divided into the segments if it is too long to read for the customer/ subscriber.

Make the use of borders or the dividers in the MailChimp email template so that the segmentation of the content becomes easy for you as the email marketer.




The MailChimp email template is so easy to customize that doing so becomes the interesting task.

The designs and the layout work so well on every type of the screen that it is difficult to ignore.

Since the colors and the layouts are now already customized, the content should be styled with the attractive fonts determining its size.

As the suggestive tip for the customization of the MailChimp Email template, it will be wise to set the body text within 14-16px.

When the body text of the email is long the 14px text is appropriate whereas, for the short emails, the 16px works well.

After setting out the font size to the body text, it will be now wise to select the font style.

There are thousands of font style while customizing the MailChimp email templates yet it is suggestive to stick around two styles, maximizing to the three.

Among all the font styles, Serif is the most used style among the email marketers.

Not all fonts have the serif and therefore using the Sans Serif as the alternative can make the email look more casual.

You can make the use of mix font styles on the email template every time you customize but try to maintain the standard level of your brand’s email.




The final step towards the customization of the MailChimp Email Template will be to place the call to action tabs. not to place too many calls to action tabs on the email.

The CTA will help your reader to read the external information and to take some action upon the email.

You can create the CTA including the colors, texts, images, however suiting the purpose of the email content. Use the active voice statement motivating the reader to take the appropriate the action that you want them to take.

On the CTA you have to ask your customer to do what you are expecting or want them to do.

Customize the size of the CTA tab on the email template. Make it huge enough for the reader to be visible. For every CTA use different color, text, style and the image so as to make them look different.

For every CTA tab explain your reader about what they will get if they decide on the particular one.

If suppose you have included the BUY NOW CTA below winter wear, make sure that where the customer will be navigated to.

For the buttons on the MailChimp email template, you can even make the use of the sub-copy to add the described context. This will set the expectations of the reader from your brand.

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