Email Content: Doing The Email Right

January 8, 2018

Email design? Checked. Audience segmentation? Checked. Email content? Let me do that proofreading again. Not once, twice but as many times you format the email templates or the designs for the email marketing campaigns, you take the glance over the email content, making sure it sounds correct to the readers i.e. customers.

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The complete email marketing campaign is based on the email content which includes the subject lines, length of the content, font style, size, everything. We understand that as an email marketer, it is the most boring task to proofread the content because after all, you have to become the best critic of yourself and your creativity i.e. Writing.

What exactly is required to write the good email content? For the better and straightforward understanding, it is important to have the precise communication about the service/ product with the customer. To make sure it is the one, proofreading is essential. We have shared certain tips and need-to-know ideas for the better proofreading of email content.


This is the unique and ideal way to spot the errors in the email content to rectify it. Proofread the content by reading the sentences in the reverse direction, word to word, of course. Why should you practice this? Such act will enable the brain to focus little more on each word of the content because the flow of reading sentences is lost.


This kind of the act will help you to spot the mistakes in the content which would not be visible while drafting the content. Also, when the proofreading is done in a straightforward manner, the chances are you must have missed the important error otherwise making the email content weak or incompatible with the email template design.


The very first thing after writing the content the writer will jump on is to proofread the complete email content. It is likely that soon after the writing the content, the chances are you will not find the errors as there are present in the draft. This means you will proofread what you have written rather than understanding the interpretation behind the email content.


For the advanced proofreading, the one thing you can consider as the suggestion is- read the content after few hours or maybe even days. Or the better advice is, take the break after you have finished writing the complete email content. This will enable your brain to throw the light with the clear perspective to the content interpretation.


Just like we try the different size to decide one outfit according to our body measurements, to make the content work, it is advisable to change the format of the content to detect the error. Once the draft is ready, take the break and come back, start reading the sentences in the reverse order. After you are done with this task, change the format of the draft.


Format means, change the font style, size, use the colored fonts if it is not, change the background color, and everything which was not previously applied to the content. Such kind of the formation will help you to judge i.e. proofread the email content. Format the content such that it works best for you to detect the errors if there are any.


To be honest, just let go off the distractions while doing the proofreading the email content. Anything that comes in between the important task, do not attend. It is not easy although to have the distraction-free environment in the workplace unless you are doing it freelancing.


For the maximum efficiency of the email content, ensure that you perform the proofreading task for the perfect email in the distraction-free environment. The accuracy and the result will definitely bear the results of the email marketing campaign.


All the information, data and the facts you assemble in the email content together must be cross-checked, verified and double checked before sharing it with the readers. From different sources, you must have collected the data and the necessary information, therefore it has to be verified to be right for the customers to read.


The other email information such as the name of the sender, dates, email subject lines, facts & figures has to be correct because the readers have become way too smart. You can make the use of the content tools for perfecting the email content which can help you to proofread the complete email. If you have made the use of the links, make sure that it lands where it should be and you want to before hitting SEND tab.


Drafting the right email content for the successful email marketing campaign is not difficult as it sounds too. All you need is some patience, time and the right resources to proofread it as many as times as you can.

There are although tools available online to proofread the email content, perfecting the text body with the high efficiency and the accuracy. Before doing anything, just take some time out and then set the task to do the proofreading of the content.

About the author:

David Jones

David is the head of digital marketing for SparkEmail design, one of the most enterprising email design and coding companies. With strong marketing hooks and an adept understanding of social media,David chips in out-of-the box inputs for email campaigns. With a passionate flare for writing copies, David is also a rigorous reader. Best know as the flag bearer for all things creative, David’s writing style is contemporary with a touch of old world charm to it.

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