Email marketing inspirations from the works of Mahatma Gandhi

April 5, 2018

During the struggle for the India’s independence there were many inspirational leaders to look upon. The list is huge but when it comes to think of the one leader who made it through the struggle by sticking to its principles, it has to be Mahatma Gandhi.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of nation, who inspired every age group population in the world and still people are following the principles, ideas he had laid for the better future of the society. Now what struck to your mind is how does he inspire email marketers?

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No, he did not preach any marketing or customer service lessons to the audience but he had this ability to bring the certain section of the society together for the common cause, fighting against the injustice. Sometimes the entire nation was brought together to fight for the freedom.

When we view all these events through the microscope, you can see how Gandhiji have inspire the marketers as well with his politic way of reaching the people with his messages and ideas. As an email marketer, we did the close analysis of his communication model.

What did we observed?

During the times of the independence, there were no medium of communication like we are privileged today- no Smartphones, televisions,or computers. Yet he was able to get the crowd together fighting against the British atrocities. How? His hidden marketing instincts.

Gandhiji’s marketing skills to gather the people for the goal of independent India, can be the marketing lessons for the email marketers. Without any digital medium of communication, he did managed to receive the support of huge mass for the freedom movement.

He had his clear intent for the India’s independence hidden in the messages he delivered through speeches, and print. Such observations through the Gandhiji’s communication traits can be the great inspirational lessons for the email marketers. Lets have the look at some.

Gandhiji’s Email marketing inspirations for the better communication with customers.


Over and over time Mahatma Gandhi learned the key points about the needs and the status of the citizens during the time. He observed closely the core fundamentals hampering their growth. Such analysis and observation helped him to bring the right target audience from the different strata of the society. To them he delivered the right message, approaching them to join the movement, together achieving the justice for them and rest of the nation.

How does it helps in email marketing?

When we discuss about email marketing, there is no way to skip the personalization aspect. Personalization of the email templates is must to approach the right audience through the segmented email marketing campaign.

Just like Gandhiji focused on the segmented audience while delivering the right message, brands too have to be focused on the personalization. Personalized messages with the emails gains the trust factor from the audience.

Pitch the

Different sections of the society were facing different problems, therefore Gandhiji did addressed the concern to them in the right way. While addressing it, he also presented the solution/ vision to them as well to earn the freedom, living the life freely. The intention was clear- causing the mass awareness to deliver the messages evoking the emotions among the audience. To take some inspiration about Gandhiji’s this strategy, look at his non-cooperation movement, Dandi March and many such initiatives.

How does it helps in email marketing?

Tailor the messages on the email templates to gain the trust of the audience. Looking at the different elements of the customer, you can frame the concerns following it with the solution. Different customers have different problems therefore in the email marketing it is wise to send the tailored messages to meet the reader’s requirements. Winning the trust over the brand services and the quality is what the success is to the business.


Mahatma Gandhi had the clear understanding about the importance of the transparent communication model with the audience. To give power to the audience to fight against the injustice happening to them, it was important to listen them first.

Listening them and asking the suggestions via press is what will result in the final solution. Because Gandhiji had to deal with different classes of the society, he had to ensure that all kind of message should relate to the needs of them with the right approach.

How does it helps in email marketing?

As an email marketer you can collectively make your target audience participate in the campaign by sending them the survey emails. Yes! Sending the survey emails to the customers will make them feel important part of the brand. You just have to decide the right time to send the email.

By sending them the surveys you are doing the following things to the customers:

  • You empower them by providing the feeling that they are the important and valuable resource of your brand.
  • They are given the responsibility to influence and help other people, group or community regarding your brand.
  • It is the personalized email template sent at the right time to the right target audience.


Gandhiji did not just delivered and preached the ideas for what he was doing to give the independence to country. He would demonstrate it with his actions. His words and actions synced together to give the freedom to India.

There was clear understanding in his mind for why it was important to symbolize his actions for the better effect on the revolution. There has been clear instances where either Gandhiji had performed fast or walked few extra miles than he should.

How does it helps in email marketing?

Not only email marketing but this point will be helpful for the content marketers as well. The demonstration of the products/ services through the videos can really help well to generate the identification of the brand.

The demonstration is necessary for the better effect of the idea on the audience. If you don’t, the chances are the reader will never understand what you want to convey to them. Make the audience dive into the content for more information by creating the responsive one.

Achieve Results

People of India almost were clueless for which act will propel the independence of the country, except been violent with the British. During such time, Gandhiji’s idea of non-violent movement had become trending. His technique of delivering the messages had helped him to inculcate this idea among masses.

The idea of this movement was to receive the freedom and the independence without the harm and loss of the human lives. It received great response and support from the people. However he did not wanted the citizens to follow the trend at the cost of their goodwill and honor. This same can be followed in the email marketing.

How does it helps in email marketing?

The email subject lines are the catch here. When the subject lines are catchy as well as short, mostly created out of the box, the subscribers likely to open the emails. The Monday mornings are not always good for everyone, so you can here try the crazy and catchy lines for the subscribers to read your emails on such blue day.

The messages and the email subject lines should sync together, making it relevant enough for the subscribers to read it. You have to present some crazy and weird idea in the most attractive and pleasing manner that it should provoke the readers to open the mails. Even you can create some good images/ GIF/ videos in the email content, thinking out of the box.


When Gandhiji coined the non-violent movement during the freedom struggle, he had made sure that the messages related to it are delivered to the audience. The term was continuously repeated in his messages so that it becomes the belief for the followers, the objective to attain the freedom.

How does it helps in email marketing?

In the marketing times, to receive the attention of the thousands of people at a time demands enough time and spending thousands of dollars to make an impression. You can make it although with the right approach. You have to send the messages to the subscribers at the right time tickling the right spots.

Its a Wrap!

As an email marketer there are chances of using any one of the above suggested strategy in the email marketing campaign leading the better results in return for sure. If you have not, the certainly there is a need to follow and implement it for the success. To sum up, all we can ask you to do is, know your audience well, look at their problems and ask them to participate sharing their suggestions to overcome it.

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