How to use video in Your Email

Cherish your dreams with the help of Video Email Marketing

Kindly look at these facts:-

• Embedded videos in emails nearly triple the return on investment over static emails • The 2014 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report, published by Flimp Video Management, found that 82% of the marketers they surveyed say Video Email marketing is effective.

Why Video?

In a highly competitive world, attracting your clients’ attention is one of the most challenging factors that you face today. If you are able to convey your message without causing any monotony whatsoever in an engaging way, your client is likely to understand & respond you. With the help of a video, you are able to reveal about you and your company which motivates your clients to Visit your Website.

Why Video in Emails?

Research says that by including the word “Video” in your subject Line, the click-through rate boosts up to 65%, which again can be marketable into a success! People have an attitude of browsing in a cursorily manner and hence, it is just a question of first few seconds to keep them engaged! Hence, we ought to know how to cash in on them! Research also says that around 40% of people possess an habit of forwarding video emails. Hence, this attitude also reflects indirect advertisement of your products!

How to Include Video in Emails?

1.Make the video play inside your Email (HTML5)

As far as popularity is concerned, HTML5 tops the list when it comes to Video embedding in email by which viewers won’t have to leave their Inboxes to get it played. The only drawback of HTML5 is that it is supported by Outlook.com, Apple mail, Thunderbird 13 and on operating systems manufactured by Apple (iOS devices) but not by Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail. Hence, around 40-45 per cent clients/prospects/viewers won’t be able to play your Videos.

2.Use a Static Image

Adding a static Image to your video is one of the simplest techniques of your email marketing campaign and arguably the most secure. This is because all major email clients support images and hence having an issue like HTML5 is ruled out. If you opt for adding a video through a static image, we suggest you to link the image either to your official video sharing accounts like youtube and Vimeo, or link out to your website or landing page containing the video.

3.Showcase your video with Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

GIFs are highly employed as a Fashion since they are popularly loved as “moving images” – one of the exact reasons they should be used. you need to get really creative when you are adding your GIF. you may take the help of experts or even approach your family members and friends with a view to brainstorm with them as to how to promote your video in the best possible manner.