Poor Email Open Rates? These Can Be The Reasons

December 26, 2017

Email marketing has become one of the extensive inbound marketing platforms. Without ignoring the fact that 90% of the professionals use the Emails as the convenient source of communication, email has become now mandatory for everyone- marketer and customer.

Emails are 40 times more influential and effective on the customer rather than the social media platform. This means that you have to ensure that to reach the wide range of audience, email marketing campaigns function well, accordingly to the brand/ business.

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The email marketing is the best strategy to work on, to acquire the huge number of the potential customers unless the open rates of your business are running low. If it is, you are not alone. There are several brands and the business getting hampered by the poor email open rates.

To analyze it in the better way, we did some study and the research for why the email open rates are poor and what can be done to make it better. We have shared the five reasons for why the email open rates are poor of your email marketing campaigns.



Imagine, you are at the dinner date with someone and the person orders the cuisine according to its favorite without asking your choice. Will you go on the second date with that person? Of course not, unless you both have the same choice and taste. Same way, the email marketing campaign works.

As an email marketer, if you think you do not need to segment your email list, then it is the very reason for the poor open rates. When you serve the same email content, there are high chances that the customer may think that your business does not take care or understand its needs. Therefore, without reading or opening the email, the recipient will delete or unsubscribed it.

For the increased open rate of your business emails, you have to segment your email list. What does the segmentation mean? In the simple statements- target your audience based on their interests, location, previous purchase history and the other factors relevant to the email marketing campaign.

Serve your customers what they ask and demand. Do not work on the hypothesis while drafting the content for the email marketing campaign. In fact, according to the MailChimp, the segmented emails were opened at the rate of 14.4% compared to the nonsegmented campaigns.

Based on the available statistics and the study, it is important to ensure that the email marketing campaigns work on the segmentation list rather than on the non-segmented ones. The change in the email open rate will improve greatly.



What would you do if the trailer for the movie does not please or impress you? Will you watch the film? No. Although your favorite actor/ actress will be in the film, yet you will ignore it. The same rule applies to the email marketing campaigns.

The email subject lines decipher the email open rates. The email subject line will not only affect the entire email content but also it will decide the open and conversion rates. This is another reason why the weak email subject line can adversely affect the campaign of your brand.

33% of the emails are opened on the basis of the email subject lines. The number is huge and we are sure you will not like to miss these 33% recipients as the potential customers. You have to ensure that you are creating the great impact with the email subject line with the segmented email list.

What can be done here to rectify the mistake? You can add the personalization to the email subject line. Add the first name to the email subject line. Create the sense of the urgency by offering the incentives to the recipient and now run the test. The A/B testing is the ideal way to know what works for your customer and what does not.



We are often advised to not to talk to the strangers. We come across the people who do not introduce themselves but expect the other one to do so. Isn’t that creepy? We will not only ignore that person but also make sure to never to see them again in the future.

The recipient, when received the business email from the brand, the first answer they look for is, who is the sender of the email? If there is no name, the chances are they will mark it as SPAM. Results? The open rate will turn into the negative curve.

You will not allow anyone to creep into the inbox and rent them out for the time being without knowing who the sender is. That is the reason why the customer does not open the email sent from the AAA because the sender is unknown and has not reveal/refuse the introduction.

What can be done here? Introduce yourself. Do not hide your identity from the customers in order to build the long-lasting relationship. Manage the email list and exclude the email contacts who have unsubscribed you. This will prevent you from making it to the SPAM folder.

Assure that ISP works well and it does not block the emails you sent to the customer. When the customer does not receive any emails, the open rates also get negatively affected. Work on the segmented email list, do not send emails to those who have already opted out of your email list.


disorganized automation

In simple language, it means triggered emails. The triggered emails are the one which is sent to the customer after the particular CTA is performed on your website. For e.g. If the customer has left the cart unopened, the email is sent so as to remind them they have left something behind without purchasing anything. The automated emails are the best ones because it is scheduled and based on the customer’s behavior on the website. The disorganized automation means the email is not sent at the time of the already action conducted by the customer. The delay to send the emails to the customer will result in the poor email open rates. 71% increased open rates and 102% increased click rates on the triggered emails than the non-triggered emails has been the results of the automated emails. This means that the automated emails do not work just with the segmented email list but also in the scheduled pattern. The automated emails work better when sent at the appropriate time.



The email marketing campaigns work on the technicalities, less manpower and more digital. There can be glitches as well as hassles when you send the emails to the customers. The final result? Low/ negative open rate on the emails.

The weak ISP makes it difficult for the potential engagement of the email marketer with the customer. This can be the reason why the open and the click-through rates on the emails sent from your business performs low.

Why does the ISP will block your emails to deliver to the particular contacts? There are the factors.

  • Who is the receiver?
  • How many times are you sending the emails? (Frequency rate)
  • A number of abused complaints from the receiver for the sender.
  • The email is clicked on or OPENED on.

These are the factors on which the ISP works and ensures that none of them affects your email marketing campaign, determining the reputation of your brand. What can be done to improve your ISP reputation for the smooth flow of the emails?

  • Confirm the email address of the subscribers before you add them to the email list. This will provide the cleaner and safe data helping to increase the delivery rates.
  • Send the emails to the recipients who have opened and clicked on the emails you had sent them since last six months.This will ensure the increased email open rates as well as safe landing in the inbox.
  • Provide the preference center to the recipients. The preference center will allow them to select the type of the emails they would like to receive from your campaign. It is the good way to provide the alternative to the recipients to click on the option UNSUBSCRIBE.


It is very simple to conclude that to increase the email open rates, it is vital to send the emails to those who will like to hear from you. Work on these reasons and the chances are your email marketing campaigns will improve in the effective way.

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