Poor Email Practices to Avoid Unless You Want Angry Subscribers

April 26, 2017

Email is the king of digital market, it can make your business fall up or down. So, it is one of the most important tool that should be handled very carefully and cautiously. On a daily basis, you are receiving a number of emails in your inbox. Making your email looks right and excellent is an easy task, after following these steps and measures.

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1.Stop the e-blast

Same thing repeating again and again becomes boring after a time interval. Same happens with the emails. If you are crafting one single message and blasting it off to the customers on a weekly or monthly basis, then it becomes annoyed for the customer. If the customer are very much specific, then they will delete, ignore or unsubscribe your email from the email list. So before, sending the email, focus on delivering the right message at right time and for right reason.

2.Read the message before sending

As we are humans, committing mistakes is a by default process to learn something new. Therefore, for avoiding mistakes proof-reading of the content, grammatical errors and how to make the email looks eye-catching by putting proper subject line are the thinks to be checked before clicking on the send button.

3.Don’t use the CC Function

Make use of the Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and Dot Mailer to prevent the problems that causes with your email server. Never send the message using the CC function in the clients email.

4.Clearly mention Call to Action

Make sure your contact details are clearly mentioned on the email. If the viewers are not able to view your contact details or the number you have shared in the email doesn’t reach, then it is relevant for the customers to walk back. Engage the customers with the latest video, recent activity links to increase your pay per click rates.

Through this article, we have covered all the smoothing and creamy features to make your email looks perfect to the subscribers.

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