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Sparkemail design offers the email list cleaning service for the email marketers to get rid of fake, unused emails from the list. The email list cleaning will help you to increase the open, click & conversion rates of your emails. How can we help you?

  • Get yourself register first and upload your current email list.
  • Based on your requirement, you can select the monthly/ quarterly/ yearly plan.
  • Download the clean list.
  • 97% is our accuracy rate.
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OK – Valid

Email address is valid and passes all tests

Bad – Invalid

Email address does not exist and should be removed from database


A result cannot be achieved online.

Why Sparkemail for Email Cleaning Services?

We have intelligent and the advanced cleaning tools making your email campaign more powerful & better at performance.

1. Accurate Syntax Engine: We validate the email address first conforming to the standard email format.

2. Sophisticated Email Correction: Misspelled words, data entry errors, lost leads and typo traps rectification.

3. Spam Trap Suppression: Protect your list from getting damaged by spam traps & complainers.

4. Comprehensive mailbox Checker: It will determine whether the message will be successful or bounce.

5. Detailed Status Code: There are easy to understand codes helping to categorize the bad emails along with reasons.

6. Email Activity Metrics: You can check the validity of the email for when it was last opened and how old it has become.

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