Email Marketing Templates Review & References


Easy to use template

We received a mailchimp template that was easy to edit and use. Very happy

Bryn Morgan

Advisory services to boost your sales

What a helpful company! Really, I have never reconsidered my decision to use Sparkemaildesign for my e-blast campaigning. Right from the first day I have been impressed by their designing standards and reliability. The guys at Sparkemaildesign know exactly what they doing, and have helped me with their suggestions and guidance – my client base has increased multi-folds since I have started using their services. I recommend this email marketing company!

David Vesely

Increased ROI through effective campaigning methods

I am benefiting from the Sparkemaildesign services since last 3 years now. The company has been handling all of my email campaigns, and I am receiving consistent success in terms of increased customer base and better ROI. I guess the biggest advantage of using the services is what Sparkemaildesign has to offer common sense and effective campaigning techniques. It’s because an experienced team, at Sparkemaildesign, that handles my promotional work, and makes my projects work for me. Great show and thanks!

Giancarla Prieto Leiva

Improved sales and quick results

Sparkemaildesign has transformed the way we work. What we used to accomplish within a month’s time, we achieve the same results within a week now!

Hana Tharaa’ Shadid

Consistent and reliable email campaigning

Sparkemaildesign has been consistently designing attractive newsletters and email campaigning material for us since last two years – attractive templates, acceptable turnaround time, and reliability – exactly what we need to promote for our real estate services. Thanks Sparkemaildesign! Really appreciate your services!

Helen C. Sander

Consistent results and diverse capabilities

What does Sparkemaildesign offer? That’s simple! Experienced team, effective templates, reliability, results, good timing, flexibility, robustness, increased leads, enhanced user experience, and affordability. What more do I need?

Jens Weisz

Dynamic email templates and instant action

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using Sparkemaildesign is the wide range of ready-to-use templates offered within a very short time after I send my campaigning request. I just select a particular template I like from the samples offered, and within 24 hours my campaign is underway! Instant action!

Svante B.

Reliable services and timed delivery

When ever I think about Sparkemaildesign the words that come to my mind are professional, affordable, superb timing, quality work, and flexibility! Wouldn’t settle for services from any other email marketing company. Great services!

Joanna Laramée