Things you didn’t know about sending email marketing campaigns

February 21, 2019

To rein in the world’s most powerful business tool: the email, make sure to bear in mind all of the following pointers to heighten your campaign’s performance levels :

Chances are your inbox is overflowing with emails from “do not reply” addresses, like or Or, it the very least it used to be. Now, possibly, your trash is entirely full of those “do not reply” emails with their unwelcoming and dry facade, so there’s a strong probability that you marked these emails as trash without even bothering to read them. With you are hurting your delivery. Don’t lose sight of the fact that those who receive these messages are your clients – or could be. Such emails are basically telling them that you couldn’t care any less for their feedback and are disinterested in what they’d like to share.

Rather than adopting a not so friendly “do not reply” address, try employing an address like “,” “” or an address from a particular individual. Such addresses show readers that you care about them and are there to help them out! This truly unlocks a two-way street for communication, it lets the readers know that they can reach out and also gives you an opportunity to better connect with readers.

Spam triggers, damage your delivery. Spam filters detect trigger words. Spam filters can be induced for a number of reasons, consequently leading your email to skip recipients’ inbox and to end up straight into their spam box. Trigger words are known to cause problems and escalate the odds of your email getting caught in a spam trap. By evading these words in your email subject lines, you can drastically boost your shot of getting beyond the pesky spam filters. One of the simplest ways to avoid spam filters is by cautiously selecting the words you write in your email’s subject line.

Over and above, dodging these words, there are a couple of other things you can avoid to minimize the chance of your email being scanned by spam filters :

  • Do not use all caps
  • Do not use one-word subject lines
  • Do not add RE: to subject lines if it’s not a reply
  • Do not use exclamation points in your subject line
  • Do not make spelling mistakes
  • Do not use video/Flash/JavaScript
  • Do not embed forms in emails

If you don’t feel inspired by any ready – to – use templates, feel free to make or get a business newsletter template made that suits your convenience. Customize the template styles and other elements as per your preferences.

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The ratio of the total count of unique receivers who opened the email and the total figure of delivered emails is termed as email open rate. Email open rate is popularly perceived to be deceptive. Email open statistics depend on a tiny graphic pixel positioned within the email. The open is not registered if the emails are opened prior to the graphics being loaded.

Several email programs (of the likes of Outlook, for example) have a “preview pane” in which readers can see most of the message without ever needing to open the email – these are not considered as “opened.” The other programs open emails as text-only, without the graphics, and thus, they do not register as open.

Timing is everything. It may not be everything, but it indisputably does matter, particularly when it comes to getting your customers to pay attention to and open your email. While prepping for your email campaign schedule, take into account, aspects like daytime vs nighttime, mad Mondays, weekends, rush hour etc. Also, take note of your demographic’s habits etc.

Hopefully, amongst the things mentioned above, you have hopefully discovered something you didn’t know and can implement when planning your next email campaign. If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks or simply just reach out to us, contact us at

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