This is the reason why you should use Accordions in emails

October 19, 2016

Every email marketers want to push the unique content of the emails. It can be about anything- branding offers on the products/ services, new updates, latest launch, etc. Email marketing campaigns, therefore, have become the strong aspect for the organizations to connect with the potential customers.

Interactive emails are the trending ones, there is no denial of this fact. Every email marketer wants to create the best impression of its brand on the customer. Who doesn’t want to? To stand out in the cut-throat competition of the email marketing strategies, interactive emails works wonder for the industries.

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There are so many features you can add to create the interactive email, one of them is to utilize the accordions in the email template. Navigation and drop-down menus are fine, accordion in the emails will allow you to send the unique email layout to the recipients instead of the same boring one.

Accordions in emails

An email is scanned through in 11 seconds! So what do you do? How will you create the impression on the recipients in this time span? As an email marketer, you have to make sure that important content on the email receives the attention. No two subscribers have the same approach to the same information.

There is a constant struggle for an email marketer to choose between an email content and its length. To put an end to such confusions, the interactive emails now have the exceptional element- Accordions. The accordion in the emails helps you to deliver the right content to the recipient within the limited space on the layout.

How does it work?

Accordions, the interactive factor in the email, can help you to segment your content into the different categories. These categories expand and contract the content based on the UI. The accordion in the emails, therefore, delivers the different messages at the same time on the same email layout.

This interactive element in the email makes it easy to for the user to read their choice of information/ message from it. The accordion can include the text content without letting you increase the length of the email. This means there is no need to compromise on the email layout design or content length.

Why should you use Accordion in the emails?

There are many reasons to include the accordion interactive element in the emails. We have shared the three most important reason for why should the accordion feature should be in your next email marketing campaign.

  • Pack the email with content: It becomes easy for you to add the content in the email without the limit. Into the different categories or the segment, you can pack the content smoothly in the drop-down format. This will enable you to save the 600% vertical space.
  • Improved User Experience (UX): Too much of the content on the emails are less likely appreciated by the subscribers. As an email marketer if you want to share a lot of content and information with your subscribers through email, you can include the accordion to improve the user experience. It will save the time of the user by having the choice to read the information they want to.
  • Keeps the content in check: Accordion helps you to measure the email content for how much it was read. Accordion lets you to measure the number of the clicks on the particular segment/ category and to which content did the audience had showed the interest in. Such analysis will determine how to improve the next email marketing strategy.

Limitations & Compatibility

1. The accordion is compatible with external CSS email clients. Other email clients such as Windows, Gmail, and the third party email platforms will not support this interactive feature in the email.

2. iOS email client and the native Android client will display the accordion as it is. What you see is what you get! (WYSIWYG).

Where can you include the accordion in emails?

  • For the business owners, it becomes easy to display the catalog of the products clubbed with its details and information.
  • Media and its related branches can display different information related to the technology and its products in the emails.

How can you be the best to integrate the accordion in the email? There are few practices which can help you to earn the success of the email marketing campaign through accordion in emails.

  • Target the mobile users.
  • Overloading the accordion with too many categories and content will lead to the confusion for a recipient to act upon. Make it non-fussy for the audience to act upon.

It’s a Wrap!

The accordion effect in the interactive emails is how you can deliver the complete content in the less space. You can ask our team to code the email with accordion effect for your brand.

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