5 ways Transactional emails can work to boost your email marketing campaign

March 15, 2018

Personalization of the emails are fine but have you thought about the transactional emails for the campaign? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Generally sending transactional emails is not the part of the email marketing campaign because it is considered as after purchase process.

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For example, the receipt email you receive after the purchase from the e-commerce store is the transactional email sent with the help of automation. Now it is not limited to it. There are many ways you can use the transactional emails for the marketing purpose along with providing the necessary details to the customers.

Before we share how you can use the transactional emails for marketing, consider these statistical facts. Maybe it will help you to decide whether to continue reading the blog or not:

  • On an average, the open rate of the transactional emails is around 70% compared to the 15% click open rate of the routine marketing emails.
  • The user clicks through rate of the transactional emails is 17% higher than the 3% of the average marketing emails.

Some of the well-known e-commerce stores have already sent the transactional emails for the marketing purpose. We have shared them so that you can learn how to send such emails to your brand.

Up-selling the products

When the purchase is done from any e-commerce store, there are series of the emails sent to you along with the receipt. For example- Amazon. The first email is sent to you as soon as you have placed or purchased the order from the website. There are series of emails than are followed for the product dispatch, when the product will be out for delivery and when it will arrive at you.


These series of notification emails also work as the transaction emails. How? Along with these series email, Amazon up-sells their other products matching the customer’s interest. These transaction email works to make the customer curious and aware of the other product in the same category.

User Engagement

Here we will take the example of the successful website- Buzzfeed. An average visitor on the website views 45-page content every month. So how does the Buzzfeed engages the users with the content? Whenever the subscriber signs up with them to receive the content, the ability to create the potential mailing list becomes strong.


With the welcome emails, Buzzfeed sends to the customers, they customize it with the transactional email. The intention behind such kind of welcome cum transaction emails to the subscriber is to engage them with the rich content available on the site. Buzzfeed’s ability is to engage the users with the entertaining and interesting content, with a goal of the long sustainability for the website.

Promotional giveaways

In order to engage more users, the potential one, many brands like to offer the promotional giveaways. Take a look at Glassdoor, company reviewing website where the former employees, be it CEO or just an executive can anonymously give ratings to the companies they have worked for.


The tool becomes useful to the users when they share their income details on it. Now not every user like to share, therefore to encourage them for sharing the details, Glassdoor arranges the promotional giveaways such as the popular electronic gadget which not everyone can afford. Now they do not create the special such emails for it, in fact, such giveaways are included in the service transactional emails which are sent to old and new users.

Abandoned cart follow-ups

When the user adds something to the e-commerce cart and then drops the idea to make the final payment, the abandoned cart transactional email is sent to them. For the duration, the e-commerce will keep reminding the user about what they have left in the cart.


Doing the marketing with transactional emails has become the trend and therefore the brands like to include their best selling products in their abandoned cart follow up emails. Some leading brand chooses to offer the discounts on the products left in the cart.


To build the potential community it is important to choose the referral marketing for your brand. For the start-ups, this kind of marketing can become the great platform to grow. While collecting the references the transactional emails can be a great help.


You must have sent the receipt email to the customer, space below in the email can be then utilized for offering the referral code to them with the appropriate call to action. This way you can collect the data of the new customers and grow your brand.

It’s a Wrap!

As we have shared how the transactional emails can help you to make the way for marketing, it is important to note that there should be not overdoing it. The intention to send the transactional emails to the customers is to share the details for the action they have taken on your website- be it signing up or placing an order. The marketing content within the transaction emails should not make the important details to be overlooked.

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