Triggered Emails-A Must Send for Driving e-commerce Business

July 3, 2017

On the basis of customers activities and browsing action, you can engage the customers through the triggered emails. For engaging the user and for getting out the best results, triggered emails are a must to send.

Before sending a triggered email, track the customer while he/she was browsing your website and get to know the insights of their preference. Depending upon the user activity, you can send the emails on an immediate basis or can save it in the draft format for sending it in the nearby future.

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There are 5 types of triggered emails that every e-commerce store should send for earning the maximum amount of revenue.

1.Welcome Emails:

Whenever the customer do the first purchase from your online store, then it is the right and perfect time to drop out a warm-welcoming email to the customer. Compose the email in an appreciated way and introduce your business, services and offering that you are presenting dealing with.

2.Updating the Customers:

At the time of purchase, let the customer know what he has ordered. Through the aid of triggered email, tell the user when their order is going to be shipped and the expected date of delivery. It will highly engage the customer with your brand. Adjacently, you can also offer discount coupons for the next purchase.


Cross-selling the items of your store is a must for the constant growth of business. Let’s us first understand what the term “Cross-Selling” means with the help of an example. Suppose a customer reaches your store and buys a shirt. Then you can send a triggered email to the customer, with the image of another branded shirt or trouser. It is known as cross-selling. By sending a cross-selling email, you can fascinate the user to visit your online store once again.

4.Browsing Behavior:

When a visitor visits your site and lands on a specific product or page, then surely it can be assumed that the visitor wants to purchase an item from it. On the basis of browsing behavior, you can send an email with the pictures of different products, prices and do a comparison with the other online store prices. This marketing scheme will definitely help you in achieving a good success rate for your email campaign.

5.Negative feedback Works Out:

Getting a negative feedback from the customer makes you feel bad and disheartening. But, consider this as a golden opportunity to learn something for your own betterment. Review the feedback given by the customer and take proper steps to improve your particular weak section. For impressing the customers, you can also refund the amount or give a special discount in the form of compensation to the customer.

Great Appearance

An Email Always need’s to be presentable with Great Email Template Design. A good look makes your Ecommerce Email Campaign More attractive and works’s out better way.

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