What is DKIM? Everything you need to Know about Digital Signatures

What is DKIM? Everything you need to Know about Digital Signatures

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DKIM is the abbreviated form of Domain Keys Identified Mail. A digital signature is a mathematical technique used for validating the authenticity and integrity of the message, software or digital document.

Digital signatures have eased our life and make us completely hassle-free from the printing, mailing and scanning. With the invention of e-signature, the record management of the employees and customer signature along-with the key documents can be easily done.

A digital signature captures the device where the electronic document is signed on, records the user credentials of the person signing the form and easily captures the pathway where the data has traveled.

Importance of Digital Signature:

Protecting the Signature at the point of Signing:

A digital signature is an encrypted file that travels with the electronic document that needs to be signed and returned back after the transaction is being completed. A digital signature captures the electronic document signed on, records the credentials of the person signing the form and catches the pathway the data traveled between the destinations. The file captures the metadata about where the electronic document traveled, which account opened it, the IP address of the device that signed it, precise timing of interaction and other vital information.

Protecting the Signature in Storage:

The electronic records need to be stored for a significant amount of time. A digital signature is attached to electronic signature features that will show if the form has tampered. The DKIM is a digital watermark on the e-signature that verifies the transaction is being completed and seals the file. Anything that breaks the seal is recorded in the digital signature.

Protecting the Signature on mobile devices:

Smart-phones and tablets are the widespread technological tools that are being pixel perfect for e-signing. However, the data protection and security feature does require the same authentication as required in the traditional PCs. For gathering more information, the digital signature performs the task without creating any risk.

Does DKIM filter email?

If the email is from a trusted brand and it is being successfully verified by DKIM, then the spam score of the email score becomes very low. The Gmail doesn’t deliver emails from the eBay and Paypal.com because of the DKIM signature verification.

How can I test my DKIM?

It’s very easy to test the DKIM. Simply send an email to any Gmail account and open that email in the Gmail web app. Click on the down arrow next to the reply button and select the “show original”. In the original email, if you see “signed-by” your domain name”, then it is considered that your DKIM is good.

Possible Results drawn from DKIM test?


This message is a sign that the signatures are acceptable and they have passed the verification process.


This message occurs when the signature is being accepted, but they didn’t qualify the verification process.


This message appears when there is no DKIM signature. The case of “None” is completely different from “fail” case.


From this message, the conclusion is that the DKIM is signed and correctly formed, but it didn’t meet the policy criteria.


This message is displayed when the signature contains the syntax errors due to which it can’t be processed.


This message reveals that there is a short-term problem for the verification of the signature.


This message manifest that the signature is not verified due to some unrecoverable error.