How to create email template designs that turn subscribers into clients?

February 15, 2019

Even though it is reasoned as an old-school tool, emailing is nevertheless a favorite, and most people check their inbox several times a day, especially since the triumph of the smart phones.

Email marketing has soared to significance as one of the most popular styles of marketing out there. Marketers are six times as likely to earn a click on an email as they are a Tweet. Apart from being effective, it’s also accessible and personal for an extensive assortment of brands. In this day and age, having an email marketing strategy for your brand has become a necessity.

Being able to periodically reach out to your subscribers by a newsletter is a good way to acquire their engagement, so your campaign should be nicely done up. Your newsletter must be crafted to meet your subscriber’s demands and expectations, to entertain them and to make them want to buy your product/service; i.e. to convert your subscribers into your clients!

Luckily, these days mailing apps offer lots of email newsletter templates to simplify our lives. So there’s very little room for excuses. Here’s how to formulate email template designs that your receivers will actually want to read :

4 Definite steps to design an email newsletter to turn prospects into clients!

1. The Subject: the key to a winsome opening

Getting your subscribers to actually open your email is initially, one of the leading challenges you must conquer. The subject of the email determines if the subscriber opens the email or not. Unfortunately, typically, the subject line is often left until the last minute and doesn’t have much thought put into it. Using an attention-grabbing or absorbing subject line, however, is always one of the sure shot ways to achieve high email engagement levels. Your clients must receive hundreds of emails a day, and more often than not many of these will go unnoticed. Your subject line is one of the first things a recipient will notice, so it’s vital that yours is the one that stands out and catches their eye. After all, they say first impressions are the last impressions, sometimes even the most lasting impressions.

So, what makes for an engaging subject line? There isn’t an assured technique to create the most perfect subject line, but keeping these in mind can make it a tab bit easier :

  • Keep it short and sweet: be clear, concise, and sharp.
  • Hook your audience: be creative, give them something of take away value.
  • Do not mislead: it shouldn’t lie, make sure its related to the content that’s in the body of the email because if it doesn’t, the subscriber will likely not open any other campaign of yours again.
  • Do some testing: try some A/B testing.
  • Avoid using symbols or any extra punctuation marks, your subject line should never be entirely in capital letters.
  • Keep away from the so-called spam words: “free,” “discount,” “save,” or “make money.” All of these are unoriginal/common expressions. These words will most likely send your newsletter to your subscriber’s spam folder. Think and try something out of the box.

When you make the effort and time to write an email with great content, don’t ruin your chances of the email being opened by not putting in careful consideration into your subject line. By incorporating enticing language and the above tips, you will positively observe an in your open and click rates!

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2. Design visually appealing email templates

When your subscriber opens your email, it has to appeal aesthetically to his eye from the get-go. A glance at your newsletter design should reflect your brand identity and your message. Originality in the design layout speaks volumes, give your email some personality that will shine through. An email design requires both an artistic and a technical eye.

Given that your newsletters shall be one of the key ways you reach out to your audience, to ensure that your email template design is in line with your branding channels. A crucial aspect for making sure your brand is recognizable is to use cohesive branding in all of your marketing mediums. Take care that the email template design follows a uniform style, picking tones that identify with your brand and template will be recommended. Employ a color pattern that consists of your brand’s colors, or that mirrors your brand’s individuality. A smart tip to help images merge cohesively into an email design is to give them a color filter that mimics the rest of the design.

Make certain that it shall be a pleasant reading experience for the client. Make it easy for him with clear, big titles which tell him what the post is about. Be sure to include pictures. This will let him not only view the products, but also perceive this as a portrayal of your brand that he will hold onto, so choose wisely. Going on board with a consistent tonality may help your subscriber to identify almost immediately when he gets your email. Stick to this to create a corporate image.

3. Create content to cater to your target demographic

Once you find your audience, treat them well. Target them with quality content they actually want. The context in content is absolutely crucial for a good email. So be sure to tie the contents of your email with something that will ground it as relevant and in-demand. By demonstrating your relevance you stand a better chance of grabbing the readership’s attention and keeping it. Connect via content on a detailed, individual level by tailor fitting it to their interests and needs. Personalized emails experience a click-through rate that is 14% higher than non-personalized emails.

4. CTA and social media buttons

Email calls to action and social media buttons have the additional job of requiring to stimulate subscribers to leave the secure confines of their email inboxes to visit your brand’s website or social media profile. This can be a little too much to ask off of your new or less engaged subscribers who may not be willing to go that extra mile just yet. Strong calls-to-action can help your clients overcome this hesitation by giving them something they assuredly can’t neglect.

If you’re looking to make the most your email conversion potential, make sure you undertake these practices:

  • Choose the right placement for calls to action and social media buttons
  • Use action-oriented words
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Make an exclusive promotional offer

Put these tips down to test and design your own beautiful mobile-friendly newsletter template or leave it to SparkEmail experts to create a spectacle of a design tailor-made for you. Reach out to SparkEmail at

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