Our Policies

100% Secure & Confidential

Sparkemail design team values the merchant’s shared business information. Therefore we practice & follow strict policies taking care of the client’s project.

Payment Terms

Sparkemail team believes in maintaining transparency and confidentiality, making it most liberal payment terms for the clients. If our client experience the dissatisfaction with our service, we will refund the amount, providing the valid reason. Under certain cases, client can ask us for the 100% refund.

  • Dissatisfaction of the service
  • You can ask us for the refund if you experience the dissatisfaction of our services on the final product. The valid reason will be required over dissatisfaction.

  • Delay in project delivery/ Failure in quality check
  • Any of the reason will be considered valid while client raise the refund request. If we are not able to complete the project during the given deadline, the client can demand the 100% money back from us. Also the failure to meet the standard of the project quality as promised by us can be the reason for the refund. The valid reason for how we were not able to meet the project specification from your side has to be provided.

  • Withdrawal of the project/ order
  • This condition will be considered valid only if the project has not begun. This can happen either from the client side or us. The entire amount of the project will be refunded to the client as the project is aborted (card/bank/Paypal account). No cancellation fees will be charged for it and the refund amount will be credited to the concerned bank/ Paypal account.

  • Before the project is delivered to you
  • You can ask for the refund even before we have sent you the complete project i.e. HTML coded and designed email templates.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

We are fully aware about the intellectual property of our clients and hence we never claim any rights on all those designs and codes produced/created by us. Whatever you share with us would never be shared by us with third parties under any circumstances whatsoever.

1. We will never contact your clients
2. All information that you share with us, including artwork, contact information, and client notes will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.
3. We will not claim rights over design mockups our clients provide.

SparkEmail Design Policies

Refund Policy

Whatever information is shared between us by way of whatever means of communication would never ever be shared or revealed by us. We will share or reveal only when you say YES.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to us!

First of all, we, at Spark Email, completely understand and respect the intellectual property of our clients and hence, we never claim any rights on all those designs and codes that we produce for You.

100% Confidentiality is our Motto. Hence, we never resort to disclosing, selling or stealing any piece of information shared with us. Neither do we ever call up Your clients or their clients nor do we pass on their information to any one else. With a view to certify that Your proprietary information is completely protected and secured by us, we willingly sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you. Even your copyrights would always remain yours. Your email addresses, artworks, order details, and all other information provided by you, including the final product, will never ever be revealed by us under any circumstances whatsoever.

Working Hours

Kindly note that we work from 9:30 to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Usage of Your Email

We may include your email address in a mass email list to send security updates, urgent messages or important news. However, we ensure that your email address will neither be used for sending any marketing emails nor would it be forwarded to any third party whatsoever.

Storage and retention of information provided by you for project purposes

We seek only those information from you which is absolutely necessary to take up your project(s). We never ask any such information from You which is not required by us. Moreover, we maintain all Your information on our secure server as well as use all possible technologies, like physical, electronic and managerial procedures, that can absolutely and perfectly safeguard all Your vital piece of information from unauthorized access and/or improper use.

We, at Spark Email, declare herein that we are completely committed to conducting our business in accordance with the aforementioned principles of our policies with a view to ensure that the confidentiality of all Your personal information is fully protected and maintained.