Guidelines for how to choose the right ESP for your email marketing campaign

July 17, 2018

Choosing the right ESP for the email marketing campaign is the most difficult task to undertake for an email marketers. Yet, one can make the process easy by understanding the key factors required to choose the right one, matching the need of the campaign.

Email service provider (ESP) run the email marketing services on their optimized servers which are particularly organized for this purpose. The internet service provider are not the same like your regular ISP. In fact if you try to send the bulk emails from your ISP, chances are your campaign can be interfered with.

The regular ISP do not allow the bulk email sending, therefore you may face certain kind of action against the campaign. ESP provide the reports for the email campaign in details- email open rates, success rates, and click through rates. It also reports about the subscribers who behaved on your CTA.

The good reporting with the details is necessary to measure the adequacy of the email marketing campaigns. In fact many of the ESP easily integrate with the CAN SPAM regulations. Several ESP do attach the unsubscribe link with the email sent to the subscribers from their platform.

Not only this, ESP does many tasks like- deleting those subscriber’s email address from the list who have clicked UNSUBSCRIBE, email verification too is done by the ESP. Although there are some ESP, allowing you to send the emails only to those subscribers who have sign in for it.

ESP make it easy to set up the professional, as well as organized email marketing campaigns. There are some factors you must consider while choosing the right ESP for your campaign.

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  • Private/ Shared IP address:

The IP address directs the origin of the email. It is always wise to not to share your private IP address with your subscribers via the ESP. Private IP is similar to the personal contact number- you don’t share it with the large group of strangers.

Even when you do or if your ESP allows you to do share the IP address with the customers, your shared IP address may get spam complaints and you will end up being blocked by the major IP address.

It is, therefore, important to have the ESP that provide you the private IP address.

  • Powerful and prosperous platform:

The multiple and high speed internet connection is important to have it on the ESP via more than single source and hardware redundancy for the reliability. Also, it is important to consider the ESP in regard to their infrastructure because there are several ESP offering the click tracking tools.

The tool will require you to click on the URLs directed to the ESP, then it will be redirected to your website. That is the complete process to track the clicks. If the ESP server goes down, the prospect will not receive the emails, thus clicks will not be tracked.

It is, therefore, important to consider the ESP infrastructure- having the strong internet connections.

  • Support and training for customers

ESP should provide the customer support in both ways- online as well as calling.

  • CAN SPAM Agreement

It is very important for the subscribers/ customers to agree with the CAN SPAM act. Your ESP should be able to do it in a easy way, instead of complicating it.

  • Detailed report of campaign

The ESP should provide the different reports for the campaigns- email delivery success rate, open rate and click through rates.

  • List segmentation

ESP should provide you the list segmentation service based on the demographics and other segmentation factors. With the ideal content, you can target the subsets of the list, leading the email marketing campaigns towards success.

  • Free trials and Pricing schemes

There are ESP offering the free trials for some of the services. You can grab this opportunity to understand whether the chosen ESP fulfill your campaign needs. The trial period is available for certain duration- either for 15 days or even a month.

Once you are completely satisfied with the ESP campaign services, you can go ahead and select the plan. The ESP host your emails on their servers. It is important to choose the appropriate plan for your campaign, based on the requirements.

  • A/B Testing and No term agreement

To test means to identify which of the email aspect works for your subscribers plays an important role. The A/B testing evaluates the email content, email subject lines, images, etc. It is to understand which aspect of the email is responsive for the subscribers.

The process, often, includes to split the list and then compare the results. The ESP that provide the A/B testing should work good for your campaign. At the same time, you should be able to cancel the services from the ESP, if does not fulfill the committed benefits to the campaign- No term agreement.


While it may seem easy to run the email marketing campaign, major times it is dependent on the ESP you are associated with for the same. Therefore, it is the most essential to choose the right ESP for your email campaign.

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