Klaviyo: Marketing automation, integration and email platform for e-commerce

June 3, 2019

Introduction of Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform concentrated on email and designed to efficiently empower e-commerce businesses. Klaviyo email marketing is a cloud-based and super simple to use tool. Klaviyo emails effectively target, personalize, monitor and optimize their e-marketing campaigns, this includes Facebook campaigns as well.

Klaviyo’s free account accommodates a capacity of sending 500 emails(which includes newsletters) and covers 250 contacts. Once their email list hits the 300 contacts milestone, the users will have to begin shelling out $25 per month. The price is related to the size of your growing email subscribers list.

Users shall also get A/B testing tools, responsive drag and drop email creator. Klaviyo templates let users segment their list based on different factors like their web behaviour pattern and open rates etc. This powerful marketing system includes site tracking, 360 degrees clientele profile, autoresponders, custom activity field, 1- click integration and ROI based reporting. It seamlessly pulls out its data from existing e-commerce channels without relying on any traditional tools(like spreadsheets).

Klaviyo is a centralized e-commerce marketing automation that has potent features of a sales-boosting.

Features of Klaviyo

  • Powerful segmentation

    Targets based on behaviour, browsing, properties and much more

  • Website tracking

    Uses visitors behaviour to target triggered emails and segment your audience

  • ROI-based reporting

    Monitors sales from email marketing, based on actual transactions

  • Responsive email templates, drag-and-drop email design

    This easy feature makes it absolutely a child’s play to make great emails possible

  • One-click integrations and API for custom integration

    Gets all your important data in one place.No development required whatsoever!

  • Built-in autoresponders

    Turn to pre-built workflows because time is precious. Also, time is money so start making more money in minutes.

Klaviyo vs MailChimp


Conclusive note:

Only because a tool or a platform is free/cheap does not always mean it will save you a buck in the longer run. Remember ,time is money; so if you are expending all of your time teaching your employees or yourself how to craft emails and then your emails turn out just OK, it might be better to invest some more money for a platform that can help you build email campaigns that actually convert. Here’s where we come to the rescue!Leave it to SparkEmail experts to create a spectacle of a design tailor-made for you. Reach out to SparkEmail at info@sparkemaildesign.com

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