5 approaches to the impressive email writing

April 30, 2018

Once in a while we email marketers struggle to write the impressive emails for the subscribers. Our email campaigns are successful when the receiver responds to it- either by clicking on the call to action tab or replying you back.

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If had anyone thought about to create the guidelines for email opening content we can then produce the interesting as well as impressive write up in the emails. Through the research we have found five impressive email writing approaches.

These techniques will help you to create the notable email content for your email marketing campaign. Easy to follow and act upon.

State the obvious goal

The email marketing campaigns have specific goals to achieve through it, without it there are no ways to run them. To reach them, you have to deliver it right. The foremost laid rule for the email campaign is- have one goal at a time.

Do not give your subscribers the options, chances are they will choose one. For instance, when you offer the subscribers few discount coupons and sharing the review about their experience with your brand in few lines, chances are they will act upon one task.

Unless you are offering the discounts for sharing their experience.Write separate emails if you want to reach more than one goal in an email. Indicate your goals clearly in the email in a straightforward manner. For an instance- Check out our latest summer collection sounds good rather than We have launched new collection for summer.

Explain WHY for writing email

Your subscriber want to know why have you send them the particular email and why it deserves to be in their inbox. Although your products or the services are great yet you should reason well to your customers why it is useful to them.

Reasoning is more effective when a customer is apprehensive about a product/ service. For an instance- Sunscreen lotion SPF 100 is now available at 5% discount. While this statement do not persuade the customer to purchase it. Now let’s apply the psychological trick here.

Sunscreen lotion SPF 100 is now available at 5% discount because we want your skin to be protected from the scorching 50 ℃ heat. There will be positive effect from your client to this statement. When you justify your product with the reason, customer’s action will be right.

Thrill/ Excite the humans

We email marketers have a certain love for the numbers- it is sub-conscious although yet we do get impress and thrill to see them in certain value. Reason? Our human minds are wired such.

Therefore taking the advantage of the same, you can excite the subscribers with the numbers or the authoritative influence for your product/ service. For an instance- Sportsman as an brand ambassador for sports car company.

To improve the response rate for the emails or to encourage the subscriber to take some action, assert your brand value in the email. Use numbers, huge names, number of people using your product/ services.

Emphasize curiosity

Curiosity is the key to learn the new things in life. The product descriptions works well yet not every time it is effective on the customers. So how do you do it? Maintain or create the curiosity among them.

To encourage your customers purchasing something from your company, let them imagine the best ways they can use it. Evoke the curiosity in them with few lines or may be just one line. Describe your product/ service stirring with human emotions.

For an instance- this night cream is healthy for your skin as it has all the essential oil preventing the aging and pigmentation. This statement highlight the importance of the night cream. Another statement for the same product can be like this:

Imagine sleeping at night and waking up with the refreshed and moisturized skin. No lines, wrinkles, improved blood circulation-reaching the blood to your facial skin area. Best part is, no more skin sagging. Our night cream will help you with all these functions- keeping your skin healthy with better nourishment. This statement is in great details with the human emotions as well.

Be gentle

As an email marketer I would love to influence my audience to take some action on the particular email yet I cannot. When you become too pushy for the subscribers and ask them repeatedly to react on something you sent in the email, they would start disliking you.

Although you don’t push them still they would act to the emails according to their mood. Instead you can ask them once in a while to think upon your sent proposal. Remind them once to take the action if they have not. It will not be a sneaky act if you remind your subscribers that the final call depends upon them.

It’s a Wrap!

Impressive email writing is an art that few have mastered. To succeed in the competition, an email marketer should know the standard guidelines to influence the audience with the words along with the email design. These five improved approaches to write an impressive emails can be anytime included to your email campaign. For the better results, keep improving to these approaches as well and share it with us.

About the author:

David Jones

David is the head of digital marketing for SparkEmail design, one of the most enterprising email design and coding companies. With strong marketing hooks and an adept understanding of social media,David chips in out-of-the box inputs for email campaigns. With a passionate flare for writing copies, David is also a rigorous reader. Best know as the flag bearer for all things creative, David’s writing style is contemporary with a touch of old world charm to it.

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