Improve the deliverability of your next e-mail campaign with SparkEmail’s e-mail cleaning services.

email list cleaning service

An e-mail address is your first line of communication with a customer. Make sure you reach them. Cleaning an e-mail list is a process to check out whether the list of e-mail addresses is valid/deliverable or not.

Here’s how you know you need to clean your email list:

  • Reduced open rate
  • Reduced click-through rate
  • More unsubscribes
  • More spam complaints
  • Fewer Spam Complaints
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OK – Valid

Email address is valid and passes all tests

Bad – Invalid

Email address does not exist and should be removed from database


A result cannot be achieved online.

Why should you care about e-mail cleaning services?

Increase the ROI of your e-mail campaigns by reducing costs

Better Reporting

Protect your domain reputation score

Spam traps and hard bounces kill your reputation. Get rid of them so your e-mails don’t end up in spam folders anymore.

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