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Poor Email Practices to Avoid Unless You Want Angry Subscribers

Email is the king of digital market, it can make your business fall up or down. So, it is one of the most important tool that should be handled very carefully and cautiously. On a daily basis, you are receiving a number of emails in your inbox. Making your email looks right and excellent is an easy task, after following these steps and measures. 1.Stop the e-blast Same thing repeating again and again becomes boring after a time interval. Same happens with the emails. If you are crafting one

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How to Embed HTML 5 Video into Email

As the world is fast progressing towards digitization, nowadays, it is possible to use HTML 5 for the embedded videos. By embedding of HTML 5 videos into an email, subscribers are able to watch brilliant masterpiece videos immediately. This article is basically written for teaching you how to embed the HTML 5 videos into the email. Adjacently, we have shared the information about the failure techniques that workouts when the video doesn't get displayed in the email inbox. Advantages of Usin

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5 Emails Every Business Must Send

If you are running a business, then your marketing team must be sending the promotional, welcome, inventory, e-newsletter or survey emails. Does these emails are making your business progress or really annoying the readers? The question needs to be wisely answered. Email marketing has certain tactics that needs to be followed. Which type of email should be send at which time is very much important for raising your email marketing. In this blog post, we are going to have a deep discussion about

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Avoid the (Spam) Trap! Things to look out for Email Design and Coding

Does your team has put a lot of effort for growing the email list, creating a beautiful email template design and does write a catchy subject line for grabbing the attention of the subscribers. But still, after putting a lot of efforts on the email template design and marketing, the open rate of your email is low, then it’s a high time to think over it. Low email delivery rates is one of the most critical challenges email marketers are facing nowadays. While many factors affect your deli

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Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Effective HTML Template Design

If you are going to launch an email campaign, then choosing the right email template is the foremost question that comes to mind. Here in this article in which we will give you a detailed explanation on the free HTML email template. HTML email is an email that is formatted like a web page using the colors, graphics, table columns and links. Below we have discussed some of the features of HTML email template. 1.Adjustable Color scheme Customize the email template according to the company's

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How to Measure Email Marketing Success

For checking the success rate of your email campaign, there are various metrics to see the performance of your email marketing campaign. Here, we have deeply discussed and covered all the major criteria for measuring the email marketing program. Bounce Rate The term "Bounce" simply means back. Bounce rate simply refers to the percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that doesn’t receive the messages. In today’s cyberspace world, there are two types of bounces i

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