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mailchimp template design Being highly specialized in designing responsive MailChimp newsletter and email templates, we can handle your entire email campaigning program. Upright from campaign management, email listing, conversion of HTML files, coding and sending emails, we do each and everything on your behalf. Our team of expert developers and designers can beautifully design customized email template as per your business requirement. Up till now, we have successfully delivered thousands of successful MailChimp projects to our esteemed clients and we do believe in continuing the same trend with the new MailChimp clients also.

Whether new email designing, integration of sales contacts from a CRM to MailChimp list, troubleshooting or training, we’d love to help you in every situation. As we are the masters of MailChimp, we are very much peculiar in designing responsive email template. Whether you are new to MailChimp or needs a full-time MailChimp service for you business requirement, we love to add values to your business through our email MailChimp services. For knowing more about our MailChimp services, you can have a glance at our customized email template design services, which we have created for different industries. We can help your business reach the new level of heights in all aspects through our mind-blowing and superb MailChimp services.

Top-Notch Reasons to Go with MailChimp

We have the intelligent tools and know how to assist your Company in getting the most out of MailChimp.

Big Benefits at Small Rates

Testing, Reporting and analyzing the campaigns is always easy with MailChimp. Whether new email designing, integration of sales contacts from a CRM to MailChimp list, troubleshooting or training, MailChimp offers the best services for maximizing the ROI of the email campaign.


Flexible Range With Large Capacity

Whether you are running a start-up or handling a big MNC company, MailChimp provides a perfect solution for your business need. For a reliable API integration and transactional email, MailChimp can be considered as one of the most trustworthy and reliable email marketing platform that matches your desired needs.


Feature-Rich and Customize Templates

MailChimp provides you with a number of enhanced features and it is continuously upgrading with more advanced functionality. Being a platform of numerous advantage, MailChimp is well advised for email template design and coding.



For setting up automatic workflow, MailChimp can be regarded as the most powerful and dynamic platform. When integrated with other data sources and applications such as E-Commerce, Data Warehouse, CRM and Point of Sale, MailChimp performs competently.

Here are a Name of the Few MailChimp Expert Services we Provide

With the Complete Knowledge of MailChimp, Design know-how and Technical Expertise, we gives you ideal MailChimp Services to grow your business.

Custom HTML Email Template Design

We beautifully design and code email templates for your email campaign. All the emails delivered to the clients are being hand-coded by our team of experts. For delivering the best HTML coding, we rigorously do the quality check for bestowing excellent services to the clients.

We use drag and drop editor service for making changes while creating your email template design. Before delivering to the client, we due test our created email template on more than 55 + ESP and devices.

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custom template design

API integration

Streamline your business with our API integration, designing and development services. We can easily synchronize your database or website directly with MailChimp to make you enable add new subscribers or update the existing email listing. After knowing the client requirement, we develop a quality API customized software to seamlessly integrate with your business needs.

Increase the functionality and ease of use through our API designs that are easy to grasp, simplified and comprehensive in nature. Our API developers develop efficient and smooth MailChimp template design according to the nature of your business.

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api integration

MailChimp to Magento Migration

We can easily migrate your email campaigning program from MailChimp to Magento. Migrating to a completely new platform is a risk-taking and complicated task. But, our skilled team of professionals are expertise and have successfully migrated a number of projects without any hindrance till far.

Through our simplified and smart migration services, we can increase the ROI of your email campaign. Our scalable and dynamic services are 100% safe and secured

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plateform migration

Platform Training

We gives you free training sessions for compelling you how to use MailChimp functions and aspects for increasing your customer engagement rate and email listing. Although, MailChimp is user-friendly, but for acquiring mastery over the MailChimp services, we imparts you personalized consultancy to have a better understanding of MailChimp email campaign solutions.

Right from growing the email list, adding subscribers, campaign management, we gives you a clear, concise and step-by-step guide for using MailChimp services. We also offer public, online and in-house MailChimp tutorial classes that include Facebook Ad campaign courses.

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Email Strategy and Planning

We do proper strategy and effective planning for your email campaign program. With the aid of new plan of action, we can engage more customers, improve your inbox placement rate and drive conversions that makes your business earn more revenue.

Our experts can develop a detailed strategic planning for your email campaigning. We can also create excellent email template designs and coding for making your email campaign superior. On your behalf, we built emails that are highly personalized and customize to increase your email deliverability rate.

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