6 ways to do conversions from the email landing page

July 24, 2018

After running the successful email marketing campaign on the rightly chosen ESP, you will have the new visitors on your email landing page. Therefore, now the next step is to create the email landing page well optimized for the conversion.

Before you do, it is important to ask yourself the question first- are the email landing pages already well optimized for the conversions? If it is, you can just make few modifications and you are already there. If not, here you can learn some quick ways to do it in the better way.

The regular ISP do not allow the bulk email sending, therefore you may face certain kind of action against the campaign. ESP provide the reports for the email campaign in details- email open rates, success rates, and click through rates. It also reports about the subscribers who behaved on your CTA.

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Follow these six ways to create the email landing page for more conversions.
Define the Purpose first

To sell anything in the world, it is important to determine the purpose behind first. While creating the email landing page, as an email marketer, first define the purpose:

  • Who are the target audience for your product/ brand?
  • Which particular needs of the people do you want to fulfill it through your product/ service/ brand?

The different landing image for every email can help you to have the increase conversion rate through them. The different landing page help the customers to learn the relevant information about your business offering, based on their interests.

To understand your demographic audience well, you can do some A/B testing of the landing page. This will help you to learn what the customer like the best in the page and so you can tailor their preferences on it.

Cut down the barriers

The pop-ups, navigation bars and the other excessive buttons are the distractions to the visitors. The single and featured call to action (CTA) to maintain the simple email landing page. Instead of asking too many questions on the landing page, ask single one yet genuine- the email address.

The more the questions, less likely the customers will convert through the landing page. Summing up this rule:

  • Keep the email landing page simple.
  • Just CTA, nothing else.
  • Decide just few seconds of landing page loading time. Do not make it to the minutes.
Make the better use of the images

The email landing page should be simple and clean so as to make the customer focus on the important content in the email. The landing page design should be able to convey the information, making them more curious to learn more about the offers you have made to them.

Instead of giving everything to the customers, let the curiosity sink in among the customers, maintaining the balance between email design and landing page. It is important to consider the better images and the designs because it matters a lot to the customer than you think.

Add the video

To boost the double rate conversions from the landing page, add the better video. Videos on the landing page have the complete attention from the customers, thus conveying the messages to them quickly. At much pace than the typed content on the emails.

How does adding the video can boost the conversions? Here are some tips for how to do it like a pro.

  • Video lets the visitor to stay on the email landing page little longer than the regular typed content.
  • The short bio link about the brand’s founder can encourage the customer to build the trust with you.
  • Strong connections can be well formed between your brand and the customer.
Utilize the writing tools to improve for the better results

It is always good to have the helping hand to write the professional emails when you don’t know how to do it. We have listed here some good writing sources that can help you to get started with:

  • To rectify the grammar or to correct the grammatical mistakes in the email content, you can take some help from Writing populist & Letsgoandlearn. These grammar resources will help you to reflect your professionalism as an email marketer.
  • The proofreading tools ensure that the content is free from the grammatical as well as spelling errors. Eliteassignmenthelp & Essayroo make it easy for you to create the copy as a professional, looking it completely without any errors.
  • For writing the blogs, you have to get the idea first and then some advice for how to do it on the email landing page. To improve the writing on the page, use Academadvisor & Studydemic. These websites have the helpful blogs for how to write and create the better content on the landing pages.
  • Readers and visitors consider the error-free content real as well take it very serious. Boomessays & UKServicesReviews are the online editing tools which will help to create the content like a professional. Taking the help from these error rectifying sites will make the email content sound better.
Customer feedback/ experiences

The new customer will always first look for the previous customer’s experience with your products/ services/ brand. Therefore, it is important to have the experience stories from your customers on the email landing page. You have to narrate the challenge that the product have already solved for many.

The visitors want to learn what did the customer faced problem and how did your product solved it? If you hit the bull’s eye, you are going to earn several customers. Narrate the customer’s experience with the personal touch and make it look less about the product.

Final words…

The email landing page plays significant role in the email marketing campaign. Therefore, it becomes utmost important to have the conversions through it with the better optimization.

Learn more and more about your target audience, so that you can modify the email landing page based on your customer’s preferences and the needs.

Using the better writing tools, less distractions, brand focused video, sharing the customer’s feedback on your brand/ products on the email landing page make it easy for conversions.

About the author:

David Jones

David is the head of digital marketing for SparkEmail design, one of the most enterprising email design and coding companies. With strong marketing hooks and an adept understanding of social media,David chips in out-of-the box inputs for email campaigns. With a passionate flare for writing copies, David is also a rigorous reader. Best know as the flag bearer for all things creative, David’s writing style is contemporary with a touch of old world charm to it.

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