7 email segmentation strategies to boost the e-commerce sales

March 16, 2018

The job of the email marketer is becoming now intense with the rising competition. To gain the most profits from the email marketing campaigns has become the goal of the email marketer. Right design matching with the content, we try to get more number of subscribers and the readers.

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We send the correct emails to the customers for the engagement, but the question is, are we sending it to the right target audience? There are many factors to consider when it comes to sending the customized email templates for the e-commerce business.

There are different customers and subscribers possessing the diverse interests, and behavior. Therefore, we email marketers have to take care about creating the emails matching the preferences of the customers. To do so, email segmentation is the escape here.

Email Segmentation

This is the most important aspect of the e-commerce email marketing. 51% email marketers have agreed that email list segmentation is the most effective marketing tactic for the e-commerce business. Mailchimp statistical report for the same implies that segmented email campaigns has-

  • 14.31% higher email open rates.
  • 100.95% higher click through rates.

Email segmentation is the only focused and goal oriented solution to have the maximum engagement and the conversions from the e-commerce business subscribers.

Without running around the bush too much, in this blog we have shared the different ways for how you can utilize email segmentation aspect in the email marketing campaign for the best result:


It is important to learn and understand your subscriber well instead of just knowing them. Start with the basics. Ask your subscriber the simple yet important questions. You can segment your email list based on the answers you receive from them.

Frame the questions to pull down the exact and accurate information regarding users. Ask them the questions for the facts you want to learn about your subscribers. Based on these details, you can then set the preference for the email segmentation.

The best way to ask them is through the welcome emails. It is the common to all first time subscribers, therefore, to collect the data through it becomes easy. From the welcome email template, you can navigate the subscriber to the landing page where the preferred questions are at hand.

Keep the questions simple with the single click answer. More the easy for your subscriber to respond, better the response you will receive. This way you will learn what email to send to the subscriber of the same age, gender and behavior. It will also help you to send the emails that your customers have asked for.


Every human possess the interests, strengths and the weakness, It is not necessary what the subscriber A likes it, the subscriber B will like the same. It is important to learn what your subscriber likes more or what is their area of interest in your brand.

You will learn their choices when the subscriber starts engaging with your brand by purchasing something or selecting their preference for the emails. You can even do this by asking them about their hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes when they are signing up to be your subscriber.

Once you learn their strengths, and weakness you know what to focus on and how to segment them to the relevant email list, sending them the preferred emails. On the email you can give your subscribers the option to shop from.

Doing this you will learn their preferred interest in products and the categories your brand have. Hence, the better email segmentation will lead to target your specific audience improving the engagement.


When the subscriber will purchase something from your e-commerce store, you will have their accurate location/ address. Thus it will be easy for you to segment the email list based on the geographical time zones. Why is it important to segment the email list based on location?

Well, for an instance, if the subscriber hails from the USA and your brand has organized the event in the New York, those residing in the particular location will receive the event invitation email. Also the subscribers hailing from the different locations will receive the emails during the time when they are most likely to open them.

Besides this, the particular geolocation based email segmentation will let you to send the emails to the subscribers based on their time-zone weather condition. For an instance, if you are the retail clothing e-commerce store, you can send the winter based collection to the subscribers.

Sending the emails based on the weather condition and the geographical time zone, you as an email marketer will be able to converse with the subscribers directly- particular group of subscribers from the specific location during the particular time zone.


Your e-commerce website will provide you with the records for how the customer engages with the range of the products available. This record will help you to learn how to approach them and what kind of the emails to be send them.

For an instance, you are the owner of the electronic appliances e-commerce store and the subscriber browses your website for the microwave. No purchase is made though, but he is browsing the microwave frequently on your website. This shows his interest in the purchase of product.

The best way to engage such subscriber is to provide the discount or the similar kind of offer on that particular product. Even displaying the accessory such as microwave- proof container set along with the microwave will make the customer to consider the idea of purchasing it from your website.

Uncustomary products extract the cookies from the subscriber’s behavior/ activity on the website. Based on such activities and interests, the list of the products is send to them. Email segmentation based on the subscriber’s browsing history will let you to build the strong relationship with your customers.


Often the customer have the preferences of the e-commerce store when it comes to purchase certain product. You can take the look on the subscriber’s purchase history and send them the recommendations, suggestions related to the same product.

As an email marketer you can ask them the feedback for the recent purchase they made from your website. Send them the recommendations for the accessories or the relatable products for the last purchased product. This will keep them engaged with your brand.

Segmenting the subscribers on the basis of their purchase history from your website and asking them to give the feedback for the same will lead to develop the increased engagement. There are chances to earn the loyal customers as well.


In the recent times, the cart abandonment rates have gone high. On the basis of the Marketing land analysis, every year top brands and companies lose average $18 billion sales revenue because of cart abandonment.

Therefore instead of avoiding these audience, you should segment them separately in your email marketing campaign. Divide the cart abandoners and run the email campaigns for them. This will bring back to your e-commerce store to complete their purchase.

Customize email template with the graphics and content, urging the customer to complete their purchase left in the cart. You have to find out the reason why at first place did the customer left cart without purchasing anything?

Based on the feedback given by the customer, you can segment the emails. Send the abandoned cart emails with the appropriate details about the product and suggestions without demanding them to purchase will maintain their interest in your brand.


There are customers who have subscribed with your e-commerce store but have not purchased anything since the beginning. Look out for them and then group them in the different email list. Ask them the reason for why they have not made any purchase yet from your website?

On the basis of the reason you can then organize re-engagement email campaigns. You have to send them the emails urging them to buy something from your brand. Offer the discounts, giveaways, or any other strategy that will brighten up your dull customers.

The success of the email re-engagement campaigns largely depend upon the copy and the timing of the emails send to the customers. To experiment, you can send the email series suggesting them different offers and copies for the inactive subscribers re-engagement.

After working on such efforts, the subscriber do not open the email or view your website, you have to then move them to the retention email campaign, thus removing them from the regular running campaign.

It’s a wrap!

There are different strategies to implement and execute for boosting the e-commerce sales with the help of the email marketing campaigns. There are more ways for the email segmentation, what we have shared here are the primary ones. You can discuss your own way for the email segmentation which will lead to increase the sale revenue of the e-commerce business.

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