Background Images in Email: Changing Trend of Designing Service

January 11, 2018

As an email design service provider, it is necessary to experiment with the new innovations and the trending ideas such as the email background images. Why the background images in the emails when the right content and the visuals are working better?

Well, in the email marketing, the trends either keep on changing or innovating. The email marketer has to decide what they would like to stick with? The background images in the email templates not only adds the positive effect on the reader but also ensures the conversion rate to increase.

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The background image in the sync with a content of the email adds the chance to affect the purchasing decision of the customer. Looking further to the blog on this topic, we have elaborate the WOW factor of the email background images and also its utilization for the email marketing campaigns.


Watch the advertisement of any brand and notice its details. Remember it well. Now read the available script of the same advertisement. What did the difference you experience? The video had more impact on you rather than the script of the same.


What does this conclude? Simple. The visuals/ graphics plays a major role in the purchasing decision of the customer. That is the reason why the email marketers will include the images of the product so as to develop the interest among the customers.

Now the trend is of the background images in the email templates. Today, it has become the powerful tool for the email marketers to look forward while running the email marketing campaigns. There are some marketers, although, confused about adding the background image to the email templates.


There are many reasons for why the email marketers are thinking to add the background images in the email templates, although it is an appealing tool for them. The real issue is, not all ESP platforms support the background images in the email templates.


Some ESP platforms will be compatible with the background images in the email templates whereas the ESP which is incompatible will ask you to take the extra efforts for the visibility of the background image on the email template. Either way, you have to check the ESP compatibility with the trending email background images.

Instead of focusing on the image blocking aspect of the email service provider, we will focus on the tools which can help you to render the background images in the email templates. The tool is useful for the compatible across the ESP, at least to most of them.


Bulletproof Email Background Tool

It is the campaign monitor’s background image technique providing the solution to the problem of the outlook. According to the studies from the experiments, there was rendering problem on the outlook 2007/2010/2013. The emails containing the background images did not support the outlook email service provider, thus it was a failure on this ESP platform.

Bulletproof Email Background Tool

For the same reason, campaign monitor came up with the tool so that the background image technique is utilized among all major ESP. There are certain laid guidelines for how to use the bulletproof email background tool.

  • Whichever ESP you are utilizing, ensure that it supports Vector Markup Language (VML) coding.This is for those email marketers who will use the single complete image/ background for the email template.
  • If you are going to repeat the background in the email template, you can repeat it in the text body and the top table tag, repeating the property.
  • This will execute the email with the background image in it on to the outlook 2007/2010/2013 without the VML codeas well.


While using the background image bulletproof tool for the email templates, you have the option to apply a background image to the email template- entirely to the email template as well as to the table cells. For both tasks, you can generate the codes. In the case of the outlook 2000, the only obstruction will be the size of the image. For the outlook 2000 and above than that, if the image size is too large for the ESP, the image will crash down. Therefore it is important to cross check the image size before hitting the SEND button. Test the email with the background images in the live copy of the outlook versions.

  • Looking at the other side of the bulletproof background image tool, it is safe to have the ALT text for the images.
  • Include the necessary dimensions of the images, i.e. Height & width. This dimension will give your ALT text the display container whenever the images will be/ are disabled.
  • The absence of dimensions will let the collapse of that area to the email client, meaning the ALT text will go off as well.

Another alternative that can be considered in the event that the picture doesn’t open in messages is to set a background shading as a fallback. This will guarantee that, regardless of whether the background picture doesn’t appear, the content of your email is meaningful against the fallback shading.


The background images in the emails do not only affect the customer’s purchasing decision but also strengthen the email marketing campaigns. For the further details about the email background images, you can connect to the spark email team.

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