Boost Customer Engagement with 8 Killer Email Marketing Techniques

September 27, 2018

The business world today is very competitive and every business is constantly striving to acquire more customers through the effective utilization of different marketing channels. One of them is email marketing which is on the boom.

Email marketing is considered as an effective marketing tool and incredibly helpful.
Here’s why?
  • The businesses highly depend on the emails. More than 72 percent of the consumers consider an email as a reliable source of business communication.
  • Around 105 billion emails sent each day.
  • Email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined to acquire customers.
Let us proceed with a better understanding of the term ‘Email Marketing’

One of the segments of internet marketing, email marketing refers to the emails you send to your potential customers to promote your products or services. Email marketing encompasses the use of emails to build a relationship with the existing and potential customers.

Email is an exceptionally flexible tool as it is able to carry the messages and advertisements in various formats – images, videos, links and so on. Email, being the easiest and fastest mode of communication, is also the cheapest way marketers are able to connect with their customers.

Email marketing is the oldest and the simplest form of marketing. Emails have taken a prominent place for several years. Even now, when the times have changed, it stays to be an amazing tool for online marketing.

Additionally, it is successful marketing tactic because of its two big merits, i.e. price and ease. Moreover, this appealing marketing tactic does not involve the need to use any equipment.

Email marketing is ubiquitous because of its remarkable benefits which are:


To increase your sales, you might be following various marketing strategies. Some may be specific to potential customers and some marketing strategies would be targeting the existing customers. Therefore, with the help of email marketing, you would be able to reach a specific segment of customers.

Bonus Tip

Informing the customers in prior about sending the email will dramatically boost your click-through rate!

Target Audience

Email marketing allows to target your customers based on the locality, age, gender etc. Say, you are a brand catering to women apparels and you are planning for an offer, you will directly target the female cluster and not the men.

Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Although email marketing does not allow a face-to-face interaction with customers, you can provoke them with some Call-to-Actions also known as CTAs in your email and trigger a response.
For example : You can ask them to visit your social media page and participate in an online contest, which is yet another marketing tactic to generate new leads.

Instant Results

An email reaches the moment you hit the send button. At the same time, the user also gets a notification. An interested user will respond back soon.

Low in cost

The cost involved in email marketing is minimal, which makes it the most desirable marketing technique. All you need is an operational email id and you are good to go. The cost involved in sending bulk emails and sending emails through a software is also not very high.
For marketers, obtaining an email address could be very simple. But to get the receiver open your email and respond to it could be an absolutely difficult task.

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Have you been thinking lately about your customers reading your emails or not?
Do you want to learn how to make your readers open your emails and respond instantly? If yes, then keep reading!
We have compiled a list of 7 sure ways to get your customers instantly click your emails. 1. Shorten your Subject Lines

Subject line is the most important and crucial part of an email. Subject line provokes curiosity and draws the attention of the users. Whether the receiver will open your email or not, will depend on the quality of the headline.

Hence, create a subject line that can entice your audience.
2. Attractive Opening Lines

What if the users do not find the content to be relevant after clicking on that irresistible headline? To get them to read your content, it is very important to provide the content that is relevant to the user. The key is to write stellar opening lines through which the reader feels a direct connect.

Great opening lines arise curiosity in users to read further.
3. Email A/B Testing

Increase mail open rates and click-through rates with A/B testing. A/B testing or A/B split gives you a comparison between two variants of the current experience. With A/B testing, you are comparing two different variations of a particular campaign. It could be an email marketing campaign.

A/B testing will help you learn which tool is effective for a campaign – for example, marketing email or a banner. So, don’t delay. Do your research and start your test.

4. Personalized Emails

The user will possibly expect a helpful information in the email once he/she has opened the mail. To make the user keep reading the email, it is essential to share an engaging content.

This can be done by providing the information the user is looking for and to send informative emails. Your email marketing content should have a fine balance between the informative content and promotional content to get a high open rate.

A marketing email reaches directly in the customer’s email account inbox. Therefore, you can follow a personal tone in your emails.This would lead to more interaction, more engagement, and higher click ratio.

5. Simple Messages

Many companies complicate their emails by adding more links that redirect to a survey form or some particulars to be filled by the user. Try to keep your emails simple and say only what is necessary.

It is important to keep your messages clear and precise. In this generation, where a majority of people are reading emails on their mobile phones, sending a short and specific message is helpful.

The reader does not ignore the message because of the simplicity.
6. Mobile-friendly Emails

With the growing number of people using mobile phones these days, it is advisable to send emails that are mobile-friendly.When you do this, you will be able to notice that more than 50 percent of the emails are opened on a mobile phone.

It is important to keep your messages clear and precise. In this generation, where a majority of people are reading emails on their mobile phones, sending a short and specific message is helpful.

The reader does not ignore the message because of the simplicity.
7. Plan Re-emails

Yes, emails surely work! A re-email is when you resend a mail that you have already sent. You may send it after a few days or weeks with some alterations.

This will not only re-purpose your content but also refresh the information in the mind of users who are already aware of the information.

There are chances that the people who have missed out on the previous email, read it this time.

8. Add Pop-ups

Yes, pop-up messages are distracting and truly irritating. Pop-ups can turn down the visitors. But the right pop-up messages can help users to know about the company whereas you can also grow your email contact list drastically.

Since it grabs the attention instantly, go ahead and add a pop-up on your website and emails today.

Email marketing tactics are simple and fast. All you need is some patience and effort to see your marketing attempts succeed. Below are some tips that can further help you to engage your customers.

  • Build a strong quality list of users. Remove the email addresses that are keen to mark emails as spam.
  • Adhere to the best practices of email marketing.
  • Always stick to a routine for sending emails.
  • Marketing is all about developing customer relations. Therefore, do not send promotional messages every time.
  • Always send an email on weekdays, where everybody is working.

And here’s another secret way to ace the email marketing game and that is using an ‘Email Template’.

An email template is a pre-decided format of emails that can be used to quickly replace the content with your own content. An email template facilitates to easily draft and create emails.

Now, you do not have to sit in front of the blank screen, thinking hard as to what to write before sending an email. The issue with drafting a new email is that a lot of time is consumed in writing and formatting.

However, sending emails in an email template makes the job easy. Every time you send a specific template, it develops uniformity and consistency. The receivers will be able to relate to your brand and the awareness of the brand will amplify.

Although a lot of effort will go after adding the logo and deciding the graphics, it is just for once and for all. Email templates are great for customer connection and increasing subscriber engagement. It is vastly used in sending weekly and monthly newsletters.

So, what is the wait for? We, at SparkEmail Design, provide email templates for customized emails and newsletters to help our clients run brilliant marketing campaigns. Our fast and reliable services have made us win the trust of brands across the world.

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