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December 13, 2019

An old and popular adage “Entrepreneurs don’t take vacations” holds true in many scenarios, but you cannot forget that people enjoy holidays. As businesses run around customers, most of whom always look forward to break the routine, you need to create special strategies for enticing them during the festive or holiday seasons. The sales of many products roar higher when holidays are near or going on.

To make sure that your business benefits from this trend, you need to stay ahead of your competitors by devising promotional offers and informing your customers about the same. In today’s time, all types and scales of enterprises rely on digital communication channels to build brand awareness and boost sales. Email marketing is one of the most sought-after methods of online business promotion due to its simplicity and advantages.

A perfectly formulated holiday email marketing plan can increase your revenue and give you another reason to celebrate during holidays. Just like many other entrepreneurs, if you also use MailChimp for automating your email campaign, then you must buy MailChimp templates tailored to your goals and requirements.

Let’s see how Holiday Email Marketing Can Work Wonders for your Business.

Holidays and festive season provide a great opportunity to various businesses for winning the hearts of consumers as well as gaining the market share. You should make the most of this opportunity by using the customized and responsive Mailchimp HTML email templates for sending emails to your subscribers.

We have mentioned the benefits of holiday email marketing below:

Higher Conversion Rates


Unlike display banners and targeted advertisements, emails are not unexpected by the audience. As emails are sent to the subscribers who have registered their email addresses with you, the chances of conversion rates are high. Whether the subscribers are existing or prospective consumers, an email with uniquely crafted content showing amazing deals on products can improve the bottom line of your business. As people stay in a jovial mood during the festive season, they would not mind spending a few minutes reading your emails.

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Fast Results & Modifications


Including the call-to-action button in emails has become the norm as subscribers like to be provided with an easy way of directly landing on the products page. Therefore, you can track not only email open rate but also email click-through rate to know the outcome of your email marketing campaign. By analyzing the action that your targeted audience takes after receiving your emails, you can make relevant changes in the design, content, and most importantly, your offers.

Increased Accessibility


In this fast-pacing world, people acquire a lot of information and seek answers to their queries on-the-go by using their mobile phones. Therefore, you must choose the templates which are responsive and embedded with required functionalities for your emails. If you have a MailChimp account, you can consult the specialists for building the best MailChimp templates for reaching a larger audience and accomplishing your objectives.

Saves Time and Effort

MailChimp HTML Email

Email marketing service providers enable you to automate the delivery of emails to the recipients. So, you can send emails at different points in time throughout the holiday season. You can draft emails for greetings, initial product offers and discount deals, modifications in promotional offers, reminders, last-minute shopping offers, and much more. You can get separate MailChimp HTML email templates for all types of emails you have planned to send.

Better Engagement Rates


The biggest advantage of email marketing is that you can increase user engagement without exceeding your budget. You can send personalized emails to your subscribers by including their name in the subject line or body. It will compel them to open the email and make them feel valued which can go a long way towards earning your business loyal customers.

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Points to Consider while Sending Holiday Emails to your Audience

To reap the aforementioned benefits of holiday email marketing, you need to pay keen attention to certain points, which are listed below:

  • Select the template with an intuitive layout and eye-catching design for your holiday emails to create a good first impression.

  • Write impactful subject lines so that subscribers feel interested in reading your email to know about your business and products.

  • Keep the content to a minimum and include the information regarding your offers in a way to grab the attention of the readers.

  • Highlight the call-to-action button properly as your subscriber missing out on the button can amount to you missing out on sales.

  • Give loyalty bonuses to the existing customers and introduce reward programs for prospective customers in order to maximize profits.

  • Put links or buttons that redirect to your social media pages to create a connection between the users and your brand.


Capitalizing on festivals, holiday seasons, and major events has become essential for every business in today’s competitive world. Email marketing can prove to be an effective tool for growing your sales and brand popularity provided you use it strategically. Therefore, you must choose the reliable email service provider (for example, MailChimp), create a ‘value-for-money’ proposition for your audience, and track the performance of your campaign continuously.

SparkEmail Design can develop the best MailChimp templates for your email marketing plans by understanding your business offerings and expectations. We can guide you throughout the project and create email templates with bespoke designs and rich features.

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