E-commerce email structure: Make it better with these 9 suggestions

June 29, 2018

We all are here talking and writing about the email marketing and the email marketers, what to do and how to do and why to do. Answering these questions have become easy now and also it is useful to learn them for the high conversion rates and open rates as well.

It is shocking that still many corporate people, often the small businesses and the startups underestimate the email marketing although the ROI from it is 4000%. In fact there still has been no replacement to this kind of marketing. Yes, we have the social media but it cannot overtake the influence emails have on the audience.

Most of the email marketers, to be honest, spend much dollars on the email marketing rather than going to the social media advertisements for marketing/ branding the products or services. So why the people, especially small businesses underestimate the potentiality of the email marketing?

The inadequacy to handle the email marketing campaigns and failure to learn the tactics to send the different emails. To make your email campaign effective and successful, your emails have to be excellent and nothing less than that. We have here shared the nine suggestions to structure the e-commerce emails.

Keep your eyes on the email subject lines and the preview text

You do not have to be quick to determine what should be the email subject line for your season’s annual sale or what the email content should be for the same.

You have to come up with the quirky email subject line as well as the preview text. There are hundred emails your customer receives everyday and if you don’t stand out amongst them you will get lost in crowd- becoming one of them.

To create the impressive email subject line and the preview text, express what you want the receiver to understand from your email. In simple words, tell your customers what they will be winning from your bag.

For e.g. if there will be discount on the certain products from your brand, make sure to include the specific discount in the email subject line. This will have the positive effect on the open rate of the emails.

Holiday emails – Make it to the most

Your customers need to be taken care every now and then – whether they have shopped from you or not. It is not always possible for you to offer the free stuff and the discounts out there unless you want to go broke.

There are many ways you can engage your customers to shop with you, for e.g. free shipping over certain billing amount. It is fact users will respond to the free stuffs moreover than other free services. You can always control the navigation of the engagement with the customers for the betterment.

Engagement emails – Attending the customers till the end

Indeed there are many holidays in a year and you have to make sure which holiday benefit you the most. As per the market statistics, e-commerce sales during the winter earn up to 25% of the total sales.

To come close to this number, be enough grateful to the email marketing. You can offer the special discounts, cash backs or seasonal price cut over some products. Several brands send the holiday emails to the customers month before the sale.

Discount emails – the reason your customers will shop with you more!

It becomes more exciting for the customer in particular when you offer it on the products abandoned in the carts. Offering the discounts provide the reason to the customer to come back to you and do the rest of shopping from your e-commerce store.

Make sure you offer the discounts to the customers often enough, so that the customers trust you for the products, services and even price. To create the illusion of the scarcity of the much demand product/ service, you can offer limited-time discount. This is the most effective way to earn your customers in the most genuine way.

Abandoned cart reminder emails – getting your customers back to the focus

You need to bring your customers to your e-commerce stores because there are many online distractions. Surfing the web, watching the online videos or posting something great on the social media- anything can distract your customer.

Whatever the situation is, you can always get them back to your store. Send them the abandoned cart emails when they have left something in the cart only to get distracted later on. Use some humorous lines instead of the plain and the straightforward lines for the better effect on the customers.

Send the combinations of the best selling items, trending products and reasonable items in single email.

Customers do not surf the complete e-commerce store and instead they will look for which products are trending or are the best selling items in your store. In fact many of the customers will search for the affordable products – economical one.

As an email marketer it is your duty to solve such time consuming activities of the customers and send them the curated emails. In simple words, emphasize the trending, economical and the best selling products in an email, curating it and send to the customers. You can even include those products which are being sold at the great discount price.

Cross sell emails. Displaying the similar products to the one customer bought already.

Okay, so the new customer just bought the men’s shaving cream from your e-commerce store, so you can now show them the similar products like the complete grooming kit at the discount rate.

You have to send the follow-up emails to the customers about the trending, popular and the best selling products available in your online store, which is similar to the one they bought. You should continue to build the loyal customers list for your business.

Confirmation emails are the multipurpose.

You can send this emails for different business intentions. For e.g. in the case of post purchase to confirm the shipping process with the customer, to verify the customer’s email address when they have signed up for the first time with you. Sending the one can be useful to have the effective engagement with the customers.

Reactivation emails. Connecting the customers who have lost their way from the email list.

Not always it will be possible to please the customers all the time. Hence, there will be some who will unsubscribe or become inactive. Looking through the lens of the email marketing cost, the inactive subscribers on your list are costing you great fees.

So before you decide to remove them from the email list, give a try and send them the reactivation email. Give them the reminder what offers and discounts you have in the store. It might not work always and for all but you will get to know at least on which inactive customers you have to focus on and which customer should be not on the email list.


On different stages of the email marketing it is important for you as an email marketer to engage the customers effectively to make it most. We have here shared the most trending suggestions for the e-commerce email structure and the chances are you can come up with your some suggestion and it could work as well. You can share it with us how the experience was with all these e-commerce email structure suggestions on our social media platforms.

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