Social Media Audiences are Good; but Email Audiences are Better

February 10, 2017

What is better to have 3,000 email newsletter subscribers or 30,000 social media followers. It is a tricky and difficult question. Be careful while answering it, because it is directly going to impact your business. While all of you know the answer that social media offers a vast potential of the audience, but does it make any sense to your business.

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There are many reasons that email marketing is far more good and better than social media marketing for increasing your trade.

Traffic Rush

Emails have three times more traffic as compared to the social media channels. Approximately, 2.9 billion people are using email nowadays. The older audience is still relying on the email due to the safest means of communication.

Emails are Personal and Customized

Some businesses use Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for business communication. But when it comes to building the long-lasting business relationship, then email is mostly preferred.

Emails Get More Attention

Emails are sent to individual email addresses, hence they are given more focused attention. While the social media platforms, proffers a number of posts, likes and comments to reach the target audience. Adjacently, the marketing and promotional adds, get less attention due to a large number of posts.

Target a Larger Number of Audience

Email gives you the accessibility to send 1,00,000 emails. While if we are talking about the social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, there are followers, not the end users. If your page or post got more than 1,00,000 likes, then it is of usage for only 1000 persons. After crossing 1,00,000 likes on Facebook, they also ask to pay for reaching more level of the audience.

To summarize, email channels are more worth of your time than you think. It gives a direct interaction with the public. Moreover, continuously delivering a number of engaging emails to the subscribers lead to business growth.

I am quite sure that many folks will disagree with this post, and I cordially invite your opinion in the comment section below or please share it at It would be our pleasure to know your honest opinion.

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