Email Newsletter Or Social Media? Checklisting The Important Source Of Marketing Platform

December 29, 2017

Pardot responsive email template or the MailChimp master template? Email marketers are always on the run and search for the best email portfolio examples. Indeed now the social media has made it possible to promote and run the marketing campaigns, reaching the wide number of the audience in the short span of time.

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The quest is always about whether to go for the email newsletter or the social media platforms? Email marketers not only think about the products/ services to promote but also the experience they can have after customer own the commodity. Social media is good although but it is important to notice the fact that Email marketing has become the strong base for the business.

Are Email Newsletters the evergreen trend?

If believed to the expert’s advice, email marketing campaigns are going to become the default marketing strategy, although it has become the important platform in the present times already for all kind of the businesses. This means email newsletters are the important aspect of the marketing purpose.

Are Email Newsletters the evergreen trend

Why the email newsletters have the bright future of the marketing campaign? One of the prominent reason for this is, email newsletters help the email marketers to engage all kind of the customers, including the one who is least interested in the promotional emails.

The customers who are likely to never believe the marketing factor of the products/ services, at least once they will notice the email, taking the appropriate action, if interested. The group of the least interested customers will stay informed, if not interactive.

What are the Benefits of the Email Newsletters compared to the Social Media platforms?

Majorly, the huge brands and the public names prefer email newsletter compared to other forms of the marketing, reaching to the wide audience. It is the only way to exchange the ideas/ information with the adaptable people, without putting extra efforts to please the group/ community who are not compatible.

exchange the ideas information

According to the research & studies, the majority of the population will like to get information from one source- Emails. It is the only way to attract the good and targeted audience for your blog/ website. And the best part is- it is free, not owned by any corporation.


Not every email marketing campaign works, therefore the experts have laid down the trends to be taken care of for the success of the email newsletters– hitting the maximum conversion rates.

Email Customization

Have you ever thought of making your subscribers feel special on the not-so-special day? This is where the customization idea comes up. Email personalization works on the idea of keeping the subscribers engaged with the brand’s promotional events/ activities. If not the engagement, at least informed about the brand’s trend.

To improve the email marketing campaign’s performance, it is necessary for the email marketers to send the scheduled emails including the relevant messages to the subscribers. The need for the emails according to the present scenario is to add the advanced personalization touch and you are almost to the success of the running campaign.

Email Customization

Email personalization means giving what the customer wants and are interested in. Indeed there are many aspects of the customization, yet the email newsletter must do the most of talking with the community. The customer behavior plays an important role here if considering the group of the people as the important branch of the campaign.

It does not mean that email marketer has to ensure every information is segmented about the audience. In fact, the email marketer should look at the quality instead of the quantity. The length of the message/ content in the email does not matter when the content is in orderly focused format.

Packed your email content with customer behavior such as- what they are interested in, what kind of the content they read more often and which websites they visit on the frequent basis. The conclusion for this will be, you will have the real-time audience who are interested in your brand, business, and the products. In short, the group of like-minded people who are curious to stay informed about your exchange of the ideas.

Compact the Email with Valuable Information/ Content

The idea is to demonstrate the content well to the customers. The email marketer should consistently ensure that the content is different than the competitors. This should be because it is important for the customer to pull the data about which they did not have access.

Email marketing campaigns run on the basis of the product/ service representation. The marketers, however, if selling the simple pen, can earn the huge profits if the representation is done well. Otherwise, nothing will be different for the customer than the other pens available in the market.

Compact the Email with Valuable Information Content

One of the best idea to execute in the email marketing campaign can be, sending the quarterly reports of the business to the subscribers. This will be engaging enough for the subscribers to look for the unique content, and also it is the data which can be unique in itself.

An email newsletter is the driven source of the revenue as well as the traffic, the organic one, although. In fact, according to the estimates, emails are the second highest source of the traffic for the online brands/ business portals. The ideal way to increase the customer’s value for your brand is the engagement with them through the emails sent on the various occasions.

Making the emails more interesting and interactive for the customers who are least interested in, try to add the exclusive coupon code syncing it with a business profile in the simple words. Such offers will add the personality layer for the business and also the customer loyalty, making the brand the influencer for the industry the business is in.

Major Challenge: Earning Subscribers

The email marketer does not have to struggle much except for attracting the right kind of the subscribers. It is the major challenge for them as not all kind of the customers/ subscribers possesses the same interest. That is the reason why the marketers have to get over the challenging task- seizing the engaging subscribers for their business.

There should be synchronization between email newsletter and the e-commerce strategy for the right kind of the subscribers to engage in. There should be the reason availed to them for why should the customer subscribe you. With the right approach, the chances turn positive to have the engaging subscribers for your business.

Major Challenge Earning Subscribers

The plain text saying SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER will not work because there is nothing exciting it seems for the customers to look forward. Now the customers have become smart and therefore the email marketer should give them the reason for why should they sign up for the newsletter.

Instead of the plain text like the format, try SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER FOR THE EXCLUSIVE OFFERS/ DISCOUNT COUPON CODES/ CUSTOMER LOYALTY SERVICES/ LIVE EVENT DISCOUNTED TICKETS etc. When provided the right reason for the email newsletter subscription, the chances arise for the increased response rate.

What is the catch?

Many of the experts completely agree with that email newsletter has become the most profound marketing platform, reaching to the huge number of the audience, while there are some suspicious about the platform. It may seem that the small entrepreneurs/ startups prefer the email newsletters to keep in touch with the engaging audience, which for the most part, it should be avoided.

Not every aspect of the business demands the email newsletter, therefore it is vital to know when the deal should be closed with marketing platform and when it should be offered as one-to-one for the customer. When the business is small, it is ideal to send the email newsletter once in every six months to the customers/ subscribers.

What is the catch

There is the reason behind such revelation. When the small business tries to level up with the same trait as the huge brands, the chances are they might get lost in the crowd. In the simple words, sending the email newsletter on the frequent basis means becoming more commoner like them since there are hundreds of the email newsletter customer is subscribed to and not to every email newsletter they can pay attention unless the deal is favorable for the subscriber.

It will be wise to say that, unlike the social media, email newsletter should not be too grabby and noisy as well. The golden rule of the content marketing should be followed while drafting the email newsletter- quality over quantity. The consideration should be for the focused message/ content instead of the length.

Points to Remember the Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Points to Remember the Successful Email Marketing Strategy

There are marketing blogs offering the tips, ideas and how-to’s for the email marketing platform, making it more fussy for you to determine which action is appropriate to execute for the branding of the product/ services for your business. We have shared the few ones, highlights from the content here.

  • Keep the email newsletter exclusive. It will give you the better conversion results.
  • Maintain the balance in the interest of the customer/ reader. Segment the list according to the subscriber’s preference/ interests priority.
  • How much ever content you keep in the email newsletter, make it worth reading.
  • For the creation of genuine and valuable emails, use the data recovered from the customer behavior/ performed segmentation
  • Create the emails for the subscribers/ readers/ customers but not yourself.
  • Patience is the key to the email marketing. There will be no immediate/ overnight results for email newsletters sent to them.
  • Do not create the overvalued email newsletters.
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