How to use Flip & Scratch in Email Marketing

If a flip of a coin produces a tinkling sound & the scratch of a wound a throbbing pound, then a fine blend of flip & scratch is bound to mound best offers, particularly, when the services of Spark Email are found!

In email campaigns, scratch effect helps you to send out coupons, offers & other discount codes which can help redeem easily. Hence, whatever you need to show in a progressive manner, scratch is always there to help you! Likewise, Flip in fact helps you to actually cut down on lengthy content paragraphs and flip flop them as per your requirements.

Hence, we, at Spark Email, help out e-commerce businesses, writers sharing their e-books and other contents, research companies to provide stats, tourism companies advertising their packages, language translators advertising their services, and so on. So, be ready to scratch off your coupon codes & discounts with the best services of Spark Email!