Go from ‘Oh No!’ to ‘It is Working’ by avoiding these Email Newsletter Mistakes.

November 29, 2017

According to the research data, 205 million emails are sent everyday! That’s the huge number!

Further segmentation of the provided data estimates that 122 emails are sent and received by the professionals.

It is now hence proved that the customized email newsletter create the wonders in the marketing world. If nothing at all, your brand is now being visible to the masses.

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The email marketing campaigns are going now big and still there are some startups who are making blunders in the campaigns which can be looked after.

You are hitting SEND yet the conversions on the clicks are not happening. There can be several reasons behind this, and trust us, you are not the only one to wonder why the email newsletter is not working for you.

The major hit can be here is, email newsletter design. You are going perfect with the email content and the CTA, yet the email newsletter design is not appealing the customers.

The dot like mistake on the email newsletter design can result in the big loss. So we have to be careful about it.

We are here sharing the major email newsletter design mistakes which can be avoided to make the email marketing successful for your brand.

Underestimating the Smartphone Users


You cannot ignore the fact that majorly the emails are opened on the Smartphone and it is data researched by the campaign monitor.

Which means your email newsletter design should look appealing on the mobile device as well.

Already you have designed the email newsletter?

Do not panic. You can resize and reorganize the email newsletter template, fitting the mobile screens.

The content can be adjusted and also managed well relevant with the design of the email newsletter.

Everything on the email newsletter template should be clean, accessible and also the messages should be straightforward.

Plain Subject Lines


Your customer is subscribed to thousands of brand emails, so will it be wise to keep the subject line, plain, not introducing your brand?

Maybe Not.

It would be flop idea if you are not mentioning your brand name in your email newsletter design.

Make your email newsletter designs such that it should focus the brand, VISIBLE ENOUGH!

What should you do to make the brand the focus of your email newsletter?

  • Real images exhibiting your business, products and your team.
  • Color and font combination.
  • Alignment of your business’s logo.
  • The language which you want your customers to understand the brand well.
  • The branding of the business should be more visuals rather than just the texts.

All Fonts at One Place!


If you have ever done this before, then avoid it now! The font styles are indeed very artistic but that does not mean you should place them all on your email newsletter design.

You may think it will look unique, what will happen is the opposite.

The effect of the different font styling in the email newsletter will be confusing for your customer to understand the content.

Your email subscriber before reading your complete email newsletter will probably feel lost among the fonts itself and therefore the message interpretation will be affected.

Choose the easiest and best font style with the appropriate size. It should be readable enough for the subscriber/ customer.

Keep it simple as much as you can. The idea of the email newsletter design and the content is to interpret your brand and the business in the unique yet simplest way!

Too Much of Talking


You may have thousands things to brag about your business, team and the products. The overwhelming and excitement of your business is well experience for you but not appropriate for your customer.

Once at a time, you can share the content about the important aspect of your business.

Prioritize it.

You can definitely make your customers accustom your brand and business well, but not at once in the single email newsletter design template.

The alternative can be- share the CTA or the links to the particular subject line which will redirect your customer to the external webpage of your site.

Sharing the links about the other aspects of the brand on the email newsletter designs will manifest clarity and the mess-free.

Poor Content Format


Your content on the email newsletter design looks good therefore the relevance of your email template will depend on the better content format i.e. How and where it is placed on the email template.

There are no ways that you can place the content without making any text bold or well visible enough on the email newsletter design.

Majorly, the content on the email newsletter design should be well format at the right place with the right modifications.

You can format the content on the email newsletter design with the bullets and sub headings. It will catch the attention of the customer on the message to which you want them to focus on.

Prioritize the content and what you want your customers to read first on the email. Now modify and format it well so that the focus is on the primary content rather than other message.

Absence of Images/ Visuals


Okay, we are not telling you here about to stuff the email newsletter design with loads of images and the visuals.

The idea is to place the right and appropriate image relating to email newsletter content.

The ideal suggestion here can be- make the use of the right and high quality image on the email newsletter template for each segment/ category customizing the appropriate size.

Inappropriate CTA Placements


Everything is proper and the email newsletter is designed well, yet the mistake is found here. Placing the CTA- Call to Action at the appropriate segment on the email.

It is not always ideal to place the CTA on the email newsletter template for every section. That will be too fussy for the customer to act upon.

CTA should be bold enough that should catch the attention of the customer. You have to be sure about the kind of CTA you want to use and accordingly redirect them on the landing page.

Every CTA on the email template should not navigate your customer to the homepage.

If you are placing the CTA below the discount offers on the summer dresses, make sure the customer is redirected to the summer dresses category on your website instead of the home page.

Not All Emails are for Everyone


You have different types of the subscribers on your email list, which means they all have subscribed to your brand email newsletters for different reasons.

Now think, will it be appropriate if you are offering the 20% discount on the summer dresses for the new subscribers as well as the old ones?

Maybe your new customers will be happy, not the old ones!

Here what you can do is, segment the email list. Once done, design the email template accordingly for different customers.

Targeting the different customers with the help of the segmentation can definitely help you to aim on those who can bring more traffic to your website.

Once the segmentation of the customer is done, design the email newsletter accordingly and then hit the SEND button.


If you made the mistakes and blunders while designing the email newsletter, maybe you are not the one who is doing so and it is completely fine. You learn from the mistakes.

All these mistakes are minor which can be easily replaced and rectified with the suggestions.

The email newsletter design should not only focus the customer you are sending, but also to their referrals as well.

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