Know the Difference: Web Coding Vs. Email Coding

February 10, 2017

For an untrained eye, there doesn’t seem to be much more difference between the HTML web-page and html email newsletter. But, for a sharp eye who have experience in the field of designing can easily catch the difference between the two.

At present, there are many advanced designing tools such as Dreamweaver,Visual web developer and front page for creating the web pages with creativity and innovative ideas, but unfortunately none of these support for the email HTML coding.

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By this, we get to know that there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed for designing in email industry.

Here, we are talking how the Email HTML coding differs from Web HTML coding. So let’s discuss the top seven differences between both of them.

Use of Tables for layout

In the email, we have to use the table format for structuring out the layout of the template. While in the web HTML coding, floats and position are used for the layout. For all the things such as for centralizing the elements, to set up paddings and margins, for background design, splitting the content into rows and column or to change the style of text, we used the table format. Ideally, the layout should be only of one or two columns in an email.

Inline CSS

Any CSS for defining the font styles, colors, sizes, line-heights and letter spacing needs to be kept as inline CSS. Any CSS attributes that are kept above the body tag or intended to be invoked from an external CSS file will work on the web page but not on the email. Do take care of it.

Use only Basic HTML

In website designing, Javascript and ActiveX work, while they do not support in email designing. Make sure that you stick to basic HTML and images for creating the email design. “Simplicity with perfection” is the tool for the designing the email newsletter. Do not try to make up the email newsletter more fancy or interactive, because at the lead it will lead to failure.

Background Design

In web pages, we uses absolute for positioning the display of text with the inserted image. But, in an email, for doing the same task, you will have to use background property. Apart from it, the height of the image must also be fixed, otherwise, the image will be duplicated and the whole layout of the email will get broken.

Images In Email

For using the images in email designing, always use the GIF and JPG format images. Never use the PNG format images as they will be blocked in email HTML coding. Before, the insertion of an image the height, width and breadth of the image must be fixed. There is no option in email HTML coding to vary the size of the image.

Support of Media

Flash movies and videos are not supported in emails. Animated GIF which is a rudimentary form of animation can be used in an email. But, if you wish to use flash or videos in email, then link it with the newsletter rather than embedding it.

HEX Code

While working on the website, you use a three digit color code. Consequently, the things are a little bit different in email coding. In email coding, you have to use full six digits HEX color coding for the proper display of colors.

It is an example of HEX coding:

  <td class=”text” style=”color:#ffffff; background: #000000;> </td&gt is the correct format.
<td class=”text” style=”color:#fff; background: #000;> </td&gt is an incorrect format.

As we live in a digitized world, everyone is accessing a smart-phone and the competition among the email messaging is very high as there are a number of emails on a daily basis at the distinct places of the in-box that includes spam, personal, draft or work-related emails. Therefore, try to make an eye-catching content banner line along-with an engaging image to perfect your email.

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