How the Email Marketing Should be for Holiday Time Duration

June 29, 2017

Running an email campaign is easy, but getting success in it requires smart work that needs to be done intelligently and perfectly. Proper composition of the content, finalizing the email design and timely delivery of the email are the key ingredients of the success of email campaigning. But, when we go a deep inside the roots of email marketing, that we came to know that there is a lot more to learn and taken care of. Proper segmenting of the email list according to the gender, age, past purchases and buying frequencies is one of the essence of email campaigning that makes the campaigning more strong and influential to the public.

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1. Add the Seasonal Touch in Your Email Content

Make your emails looks more relevant to the customer by adding the images of holidays in the background or at the bottom. Write a highly engaging subject-line such as “Super-Cool Sunday”, “Black Friday” or “Ever-green Monday” with relevance to the email. The words in the subject line should be highly engaging that strikes in the mind of the customer. The subscriber must feel excited and sparky after reading the subject line of the email.

2. Know What Works Outs

Every year the holidays came and passes on. As usual, the customers want something new and exciting in every holiday. It simply doesn’t mean that the email marketers should start building an email campaign right from the scratch to charm the subscribers. Instead of it, do the work smartly by making a few changes in the design, subject-line and content of the previous year email campaign. You can give a new look to your email campaign by following these directions and make it transform into a new email campaign for this year holiday season. You can use a different theme also for changing the customer’s mindset. First and the last, there is a mantra that needs to be followed by all email marketers. The mantra is like “Review the old ones that work out in the past with new and refreshing ideas”. This mantra is the one that works out in all the odd. Keep on alluring the audience, with the same things as they like, by just changing it some modifications and alterations.

3. Wishing them Happy Holidays

When the holidays are just about to begin, start sending personalized emails to the customers with their name mentioning on the composed email. Personally wishing or calling the subscriber by their name, gives them a feeling of emotional attachment. Through this emotional attachment, you can engage the users for a long time with your brand. Send these welcome emails only at the starting time of holidays. While sending the welcome emails, you can also proffer them great discounts on the traveling, logging or booking sites. With the aid of these welcome emails, maximum amount of the revenue can be collected from the user.

4. Suggestion Email

In the holidays either we prefer to visit our grandparent’s house or went to an alluring hill station place to revitalize ourselves. But, before we start the trip, we all need to do is shopping for ourselves as well as for our relatives. Therefore, an email with all the images of the objects that are required to carry for the trip can be sent to the users. The email will be really beneficial to the customer. Secondly, you can also compose an email in which you can share the list of the gifts that one can give to their beloved ones. Both the emails are highly valuable. Therefore, the opening rate of these emails will be too high.

5. Sales Email

Offers, discounts and sales always allure and fascinates the customer. In the same fashion, if you want to remain a step ahead of the competitors, then starting sending the holiday emails a week ago, before the actual start of vacations. These promotional emails will drive the attention of the customers towards your brand. Simply by adding a discount coupon with your email, can pull out new customers as well as you might get the chance to win the heart of the old subscribers.

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