How to Become a Smart Email Marketer

May 29, 2017

Writing a killer email is the first choice of every email marketer. But, there are a few persons only who are able to create and send a cool email that feels appealing and interactive to the end-user. Drafting an email and covering all the aspects from the readers point of view is a toilsome and painful work. Hence, we are sharing some great tips for the proper composition of the email and for becoming a smart email marketer.

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The most important thing in today’s world is most of the emails are being accessed on the mobile. Therefore, the email template design ratio should be perfect and it should made optimized on all the mobile screens as well as on the laptop, desktop or any other devices.

Before sending the email, make sure that your email must have all the things that are written below:

1.Subject Line

Make the subject line short and attractive to the customer. All the essence of the email must be conveyed in the single subject line.

2.From where does this email belongs to

Don’t forgot to write your name and the organization to whom you are associated to in the email. Putting your signature gives the user the feeling of trust and loyalty towards your brand.

3.Write the Real Name

The language in the email should not be in the sales-pitch. While drafting the email make use of the personal name to whom you are referring to. Personally calling the person by name gives a sense of personalization and user-centric to the customer.

4. Grow your email List

Always try to increase the email list by increasing the quality email addresses. For example, add the email addresses of the persons who are new at your blogging, social media page or else whom you meet in the meeting or event.

What should the Email Must Consist of:


In the header file area, the logo of your brand with the tagline should be made clearly visible. For making it more better and good-looking, you can take the help of designer for the creation of email template.


The headline used in the email should be clear, concise and updated with the vital information that needs to be conveyed in the email. Insert the SEO keywords and link it the main page of your website to getting traffic on your site.


The sub-headings must be in a correct order and should fall in the respective category of headings. Make the sub-headings looks different by doing them bold or Italic. All the information written beneath the sub-heading must be conveyed through the one-word of sub-headings.


In today’s world of digitalization, pictures, graphics, videos and infographics are getting more attention. Learning through the videos is getting common these days. Reading and understanding the lengthy and bore-some email stuff, leads to declination in the open rate of the email.


Try to write the short sentences and paragraphs. Make the heading, sub-heading and other relevant points in a bulleted form. Before sending the email, make sure it is free of grammatical and spelling error.


In the entire email, put one line that consist of your company’s URL, contact number and call-to-action button. For gaining the trust of the customers, it is a must to put.

Things that You Can’t Forget to Put in the Email:

1.Purpose and Intention Behind Sending This Email

For making the email look stunning and eye-catching to the user, we often forget to convey the vital information that needs to be shared. Hence, the purpose for drafting the email must be clear-cut mention through the subject-line as well as the detailed description should be written in the email.

2.Timing of Email Delivery

The time and day you are sending the email are very much important. The maximum probability of getting an email open is in the working days i.e. from Monday to Friday. If we are going a deep inside, the best timings are from 11:00P.M. To 4:00 P.M. for sending the email.

3.Know your Audience

Before clicking on the send button of the email, cross-check the email list to whom you are sending the email. For example you are composing an email regarding the sales of women’s, then this email must be irrelevant to the males. Hence, know you target audience in advance for getting more success in your email campaign.

4.Reflect Simplicity in Design

The layout and email template design should be simple, elegant and classic to the end-users. The color combination should be compelling and eye-catching. Light colors must be made in use where the text is written to make it easily visible for the readers.

Things to Twice Check in an Email Before Clicking on the Send Button:

  • Have a Crispy and Precise Subject Line relevant to the Email ?
  • Does it has a pre-header section that tells about your business value?
  • Did the email template designing is good and fair enough?
  • Are the images and graphics included in the email?
  • Do you have put the call to action button in the email?
  • Is the email is user-friendly and easy to read?
  • Can the email is accessible on the mobile devices ?

If the answer for all the above seven questions is yes, then definitely the chances of getting success are maximum. Nut, nothing can be taken as fore-granted in this highly competitive world. As the digital world changes, the customer choices and preference also due changes. Therefore, keep yourself always up-to-dated with the latest things that happens around the world.

After successfully sending the email, the work is only 25 % done. There is still lot to know and achieve. Followed by a duration of 15 days, get to know your email open, click and sharing rate through the help of software tools. It’s always better to know what are the things that are useful and worthy for your email campaign.

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