How to create better email templates? Email template Audit is the secret

July 5, 2018

As an email marketer, we always want our email marketing campaign to be successful. We manage to get all the factors, even the core one to the campaign, yet, sometimes, we fall short of something to it, hence the results are negative. There can be few reasons behind this failure, one of them is lack of email template audit.

What is email template audit? Why do you need to do it?

Before sending that perfect email to the audience, we prefer to conduct the A/B testing to learn which factor work the most and which not. For the specific email campaign, different factor in the email contribute to the success of the campaigns. In the A/B testing, you can test different sorts of the single factor at a time.

In simple words, you can use the same email template repetitively with few changes on it. In fact, among the survey of 590 email marketers, conducted by the Litmus, it has been found that 43% of the email marketers use the same email template design for more than a year, without any major changes or redesign.

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It is completely fine to use the same email design for few times, but when used repetitively, that too for the long run, can prove to cost the developmental factors of the company. How to get rid of it? Or have the knowledge of such mishaps happening around you? Email template audits. It is done by the experts during the regular intervals or when you demand for it.

The email template audit will help you to learn that whether all the factors in the email are well functional or not. When the email template auditing is done by the experts, it will let you maintain the consistent brand image, boosting the right strategies for your email marketing campaigns.

Which sections of an email should be audited by the experts?

The factors on the email template that you will consider for A/B testing are the same thing you can audit it on the template. The audit report will thus suggest the corrections to the following factors:

  • Width, font and layout
  • Subject line and pre-header
  • Recognition
  • Web version and ALT text
  • Length of the email template and content
  • CTA and interactive features such as animations
  • Unsubscribe tabs


It is always better to hire the experts for auditing the email templates otherwise you might miss out the great opportunities if not done well. To audit email template and to conduct A/B testing is different, therefore before you undertake the auditing task, make sure to learn it the difference before hand.

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