How to Measure Email Marketing Success

April 7, 2017

For checking the success rate of your email campaign, there are various metrics to see the performance of your email marketing campaign. Here, we have deeply discussed and covered all the major criteria for measuring the email marketing program.

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Bounce Rate

bounce_rateThe term “Bounce” simply means back. Bounce rate simply refers to the percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that doesn’t receive the messages. In today’s cyberspace world, there are two types of bounces i.e. soft and hard bounce. The hard bounce is a permanent stoppage of the email to the recipient due to invalid address of the addresses. The soft bounces are temporary troubles, that arises due to network issue. For reaching out more success in email marketing, the hard bounces must turn to zero. ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be used for testing the email sender’s reputation and spammer.

Delivery Rate

delivery_RateThe delivery rate directly declares the successfully delivery of the message in the inbox of the customer. After the successfully delivery, it can be assumed that the reader might have opened and read the email. High delivery rate is considered mandatory for the success of email campaign. By simply removing the hard and soft bounce emails from the email list, we can calculate the delivery rate of emails. A delivery rate above 95 % is considered ideal for the success of email campaign.

Click Through Rate

Click_Through_RateThe term “Click Through Rate” can be better understand as the number of audience who reaches the website through the link mentioned in your email. For calculating the CTR, divide the total number of clicks to the number of delivered emails. With the aid of CTR, whether the email was relevant to the public or not can be guessed. Transcational emails are having the highest open rate among all the business letters.

List Growth Rate

List_Growth_RateMaintaining a hygienic list of emails is a must for the continuous up-growth of the business. On a regular basis, revise your contact database sheet with the new customers email address addition and deletion of invalid email addresses.

Email Sharing and Forwarding Rate

Email_Sharing_Forwarding_RateThe term “Email Sharing” reveals the total number of persons who clicks on the share button for sharing the email directly with their friends, colleagues and with any third person. While the forward rate of email is slightly different from email sharing. A recipient clicks on the forward button and add the recipient email address for forwarding the email. It’s good to put a sharp eye on the sharing as well as forwarding rate to know the exact choice and preference of the customer.

Revenue Per Email Earn

bounce_rateEarning money is the foremost thing for driving the business. Without earning any revenue, no business can run longer. The revenue in the email marketing can be best earned by retaining the customers for long-term basis rather than for short duration as the long term users will spend money at the time of offerings.

Engage the customers by sending them birthday, anniversary, discount and sales emails that makes them recall of your brand. Good email campaigning results fruitful which ultimately leads to long-term relationship with the customers.

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