New Add-ons to the Mailchimp Master Templates

February 15, 2018

2017 was very promising for the email design service providers and also for the email marketers. Lots of new launches, features and creative template designs. Making the business to convert in the brand has become the priority task for the owners along with earning huge profits. Mailchimp, amongst all the email marketing platform, had been the promising one in 2017. While many of the email marketers ans designers took the opportunity in their hand, others were not aware about it. If you were too among the latter one, we have got your back. Mailchimp introduced the important tools for the email templates, beneficial for the email marketers in the long run. Sounds like the Marathon? Indeed not it is, although. To match the pace of other brand’s email marketing campaigns, allow us to help you with some recaps of the Mailchimp’s 2017 updated tools for your email templates.

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Google Remarketing/Retargeting Ads


Looking and understanding at the fact that 97% of the online visitors leave the e-commerce store without purchasing anything, Mailchimp launched the Google Remarketing advertisement channel. So why should you opt for this? It will be really saddening for you to lose out the customers when you have so much to offer them on your website. Retargeting ads will help you bring the customers for the first time to your site. Secondly, the remarketing ads cost less but yields highest ROI. It is the wise reminder for those email marketers who are not or have not consider running the Google remarketing ads, maybe you should think about the efforts you have taken from the customers. In the simple graphics, you can understand the Google remarketing ads with the help of the video given below. The best features of the complete process are:

  • Just in two clicks, the remarketing ad with the complete package is ready to display/ run on your website.
  • Affordable costs. Small online business owners too can optimize this channel on the Mailchimp master template.
  • Integration with the other social media channels. One platform for digital marketing of your business.

Landing Pages


Before: Create the online store. Put up the list or the catalog of the products you want to sell. Take the order of the customer. Payment gateway and required customer’s order shipping information. Dispatch the product to the given information. This is so straightforward and also simple for the online store owners and the customers to work on, together. Now, there are so many segregations for the single product available on the e-commerce websites which in turn has raised the demand for such features to integrate with the latest email templates. For the online store owners who want to provide everything at the fingertips to their customers, Mailchimp master template has introduced the feature: Creating mobile-friendly landing pages. Irrespective of what you are in the digital world, the landing page can help you to focus on the details of the products you want to provide to the customers by navigating them to your website.

What is really cool here? It goes something like this:

  • To create the landing page on the Mailchimp master template is absolutely free.
  • You can create the landing page on the flexible templates without the need of any designer or the developer.
  • It can help you to make some important announcement about your store or the product, reaching out to the large audience.
  • New subscribers are now easy to hunt for your email newsletters. Thanks to the mobile-friendly landing page!
  • This is the future of the email marketing.

Improvised Campaign Builder


I admit it, this is not the recap but the current new update in the Mailchimp master template. Probably this is the one for the email marketers to look for. Why? Because the campaign builder will help them to rectify their mistake like sending the email to the wrong segmented list or with the inappropriate subject line. Previously there was no way to take the step back and rectify such mistakes in the email marketing campaigns. After understanding the business customer needs regarding the campaign builder, Mailchimp launched this new feature to provide some sigh of relief to the email marketer and also to the designer. In the series of completing the email campaign building process, there are new add-ons and the quick features to work on, putting the pieces together to earn better ROI. No matter what your business is, the following will help you even if you are doing the email marketing from the small business agency.

  • Checklist editor. It is the quick one to create and send the emails after previewing it.
  • Sharing your campaign on the social media channels for those who are not subscribed to you.
  • It is efficient to work on with more better designs.

Free Email Marketing Automation


I am sure, the word FREE must have caught your attention, validating the offer by cross verification method on the official Mailchimp website. Well, it is. Mailchimp values your business and the love for the emails as the important medium of communication with the customers. Automated email marketing helps your business to reach out to a large number of audience, including the target one as well, at the quick pace. Mailchimp in 2017 introduced the free automated marketing of the emails for all the business owners irrespective which plan you are active in. The personalized automated email marketing is what you need now to make your brand more fruitful without paying anything in return. Zero charges with the better ROI. Period. Are you new to the automated email marketing? Maybe following bullet points can help you to understand it well.

  • Automation will help the small business agencies to compete with the leading brands and the MNC at their own pace.
  • Building the brand becomes easy for the small business owner.
  • It is available for all kind of subscribers-from forever free to pro user.
  • You can always be present for your customers even when you are working on the screens.
  • Personalization of the email campaign with the easy to follow guidelines.

Pop-Up Forms


To grow the email list, it is essential to have the pop-up forms on the websites. This is particular fact and the necessity for the e-commerce platform. Mailchimp announced the new way to integrate the pop-up forms with the website. Pop-up forms can help your email list to grow by 60% compared to the previous one. In fact, there are really good specifications and the features of the pop-up forms for the website at zero cost. An absolutely right statement you read here. Without charging you anything, Mailchimp offers pop-up forms for the websites with advanced and the innovative features, helping the business owners to grow the email list as well as increasing the brand value.

  • There are customization options such as adjusting designs, timings and the placement of forms.
  • Without coding, pop-ups are customized.
  • Reporting features. This will help you to know how good the pop-up forms are doing on the website.
  • Pop-up forms can be combined with the automated email marketing as well for the best engagements.

All these features in the Mailchimp master template are available. Sparkemail team can help you to make your email designs better by integrating these features while designing the email templates for your campaign. Still confused about which feature you want to combine with the email template? Our expert can help you find the solution suiting your business and the brand.

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