Tips to Maintain a Clean and Valid Email List

February 10, 2017

Email marketing is one of the strongest tools in any email marketing campaign. The real pressure lies on the marketing team for increasing the success rate of an email campaign. Marketers are not happy with the low open rate of emails. Unlike, the principal belief for having a low email opening rate is due to irrelevant content, but the marketers forget that this might happen due to incorrect email ids in the email listing.

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In a survey report on email listing, the truth reveals out that 60 % of the email ids in the email listing of companies are inactive. The results are poor output and negative image of the domain.

This fact from SparkEmail tells the main deliverability issues that lead to poor productivity of email drop.

Cleaning email listing can lead to better engagement and drive more sales. Take a deep dive into subscriber behaviour and start deleting the unwanted email ids. Here are a few tips by SparkEmail marketing team that might help you in a proper email list management.

Maintaining Reputation and Relationship

Making the reputation of the brand in the market is a vital step. Consequently, the email checklist must be cleaned for making it reach to the right person. A strong relationship and reliability of the brand among the customers can be made by stepping ahead with an active consumer. If the emails send by your organization are going to the spam folder, then automatically they are considered as no email and it leads to the bad image of the establishment as well. Ultimately, at the end bad reputation of the organization, hastens the revenue earning process.

Avoid being Blacklisted

Miss-spelling, invalid or broken email address leads to ISP block issues and spam. Therefore, the email list must be cleaned and the unwanted emails must be cleaned from the email list on a regular basis for yielding high productivity. Keep a check that you don’t have and etc alias email ids in your email list. These emails have the maximum chances of bouncing.

Actual Report of the Campaign

Constantly check who is opening and clicking on your email campaign. If an email id is not responding from the last 6 months, then make it delete from the email list. Plan a different email campaign for re-engaging the inactive subscribers. Twice times in a year, the email must be sent to inactive users and even after they didn’t respond, then you should be bold enough to let them go.Consequently, save time for aligning with the new users.

Practice Double Opt-In Subscription

For making the users subscribe with the valid email id, a double opt-in subscription is important. After the initial request for the email listing,another email is sent to the same email address that contains a link for confirming the subscription request.

Cleaning the email list can help the marketers in reducing the bounce rate, increase in CTR(Click Through Rate) and improves sender reputation. The marketers should practice refreshing the email listing to enrich the strength of email marketing.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge for cleaning the email listing, it’s time to get a start. Do share your feedback on how you liked this piece of information at info@sparkmaildesign.

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