Restaurant Email Marketing Ideas You must Try in 2020

January 6, 2020

With food being one of the three basic necessities in everyone’s life, eateries or food establishments can never go out of business. However, due to technological interventions in the industry, the competition has become fiercer than you can ever imagine. You need to create a special space in the market which is full of indigenous as well as international restaurants.

Despite having a dine-in restaurant business model, you might have to compete with takeout and delivery-only food outlets as well. Therefore, creating a strong online presence and staying in touch with customers is crucial to increase the popularity, and subsequently, revenue. A well-formulated campaign involving responsive restaurant email marketing templates and engaging content can earn your business loyal customers.

To help you in widening your audience and promoting your restaurant through emails, we have listed down the best restaurant email marketing ideas you can incorporate in your strategy.

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Build a Killer Email List for your Restaurant

Whether you run an innovative startup, a local café or a large chain of multi-cuisine restaurants, the success of your email marketing plan is contingent on your email list. You need to build a list of subscribers who would be pleased to receive emails from you. You can employ various techniques to keep adding new email addresses to your list.

email design for offers and discounts
  • Show a pop-up dialog box having information about the offers and discounts to the visitors on your website. But you must ensure that a pop-up gets displayed only after visitors have spent a few minutes on the website or when they are about to exit.
  • Include a reservation or booking page on your website as it will enable you to collect the email addresses of the customers who book online.
  • Request your customers to fill a small feedback form before leaving your restaurant. The feedback form should have fields for name, age, email address, and ratings.

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Drive More Traffic to your Website


In order to make people aware of your offers through pop-up notifications or convince them to book a table in your restaurant, you need to bring them to your website. Therefore, you need to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing website. But is that enough? ‘No’, you also need to promote your website using both online and offline sources.

  • Once your website is ready, send its URL to your family, friends, and acquaintances so that they can spread a positive word of mouth.
  • Invest in useful tools of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization, paid advertisements, and social media marketing.
  • Mention your website link in your menus, credit card receipts, feedback forms, facebook groups, thank you notes, and bag of goodies.

Create Customized Email Marketing Campaigns


After building a list with a substantial number of email addresses, it’s time to devise email marketing campaigns for your business. Remember that you should create customized campaigns for different groups of recipients to provide them with offers they would love. The recipients can be categorized into groups based on the method using which their email addresses were collected.

  • To customers who book online, you can send thank you emails as well as coupons. You can also send an email for motivating them to visit your restaurant again.
  • To customers who fill the feedback form, you can either show appreciation for good ratings or address grievances for bad ratings. Create custom meal offers as per their feedback and inform them about the same.
  • To customers who refer your restaurant to their acquaintances, send an email thanking them for their gesture.
  • To customers who use the referral code, you can send discount coupons and offers via emails. Impress them in a way that they feel compelled to return even if they don’t have any referral code.

Decide Email Content and Frequency


The offers you provide to your customers in the form of coupons, discounts, and more through emails will be valued only if they are sent occasionally. Therefore, you must determine the frequency of your emails carefully. Have a look at various restaurant email templates and choose the one which matches the theme and ambiance of your restaurant.

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  • Discount coupons, combos, and special offers are the most common ways of tempting your customers to visit your restaurant.
  • Next, you can create offers for weekends, festivals, holidays, different seasons, special delicacies, creative recipes, get-togethers, events, and much more.
  • Build a connection with your customers by inviting them for celebrating the anniversary of your restaurant.
  • Make customers feel a part of your business by sharing the information about your journey, your growth, and your team.
  • Pay Attention to every Element of Email


    Your entire email marketing strategy will prove to be beneficial only when the recipients open and read your emails. Therefore, you need to check every element of your email against various parameters to make sure that your existing and prospective customers take the desired action.

    • Select a restaurant email template that has all the required features and attractive design. The template should be compatible with all devices and screen sizes.
    • Take measures to avoid email spam filters or else all your efforts will be in vain. The reputation of your business can also be harmed.
    • Write a subject line that grabs the attention of the readers and encourages them to open the email. Deliver the promise that you have made in the subject of your email.
    • Present the offer in an easy yet interesting way by curating content which includes text, images, GIFs, and a personalized message.
    • Place call-to-action buttons at the right places to make them stand out in your email. Check the load time and responsiveness of your emails through various tests.
    • Final Thoughts

      Email marketing is an extremely effective way of improving engagement rates and gaining the trust of the customers when it comes to a restaurant due to the nature of business. So, you must not neglect the importance of brainstorming new restaurant email marketing ideas.

      SparkEmail Design can build restaurant email marketing templates with bespoke designs for making your campaign successful and growing your business.

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