Shocking Sales Stats that will Completely Change your Way of Selling

February 10, 2017

SALES – is one of the most powerful means of “Marketing” which can be considered as – Search (for the Right Client at the Right Venue at the Right Time);Attitude (whilst talking with your Client);Listen (to your Client’s exact needs);Express (two-way communication with your client quite explicitly; Secure (by closing a deal with your Client). Sandler, one of the world’s most powerful global training organizations, expresses the idea of two options in sales – If you fail to convince your Prospect, you land into a wimp junction but if you are able to close the deal, then obviously a winning court awaits you! Hence, Sales is a Psychological Exchange of establishing a relationship by matching the prospect’s needs with your Product.

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Let’s take the example of Software Industry. This is one sphere where business owners rely on professionals for their technology. “A Greedy Employer always loses an Efficient Employee” is an age-old adage which stands true in this industry. In short, with a view to dream a long-term goal to achieve success, the employer must pay more which in future is bound to result in a win-win situation!

The old joke of management about a Sales Representative needing to prove not enough smart (bookish) but just smart enough (practically) is one of the testimonies of a successful sale. The non-sales staff simply needs to pray at the end of the day as to how much money can the company’s sales representative bring in?

The physical success of a cobbler can be measured when he finishes mending shoes or that of a carpenter when he finishes repairs of wooden objects/structures but the physical plus mental success of a teacher in a school or a lecturer in a college can only be measured by the Grades of students/collegians. Similarly the physical plus mental success of a Sales Representative can be measured with the closed deals which are converted into points – sometimes as tough as luck in a Tambola (Bingo) Game or sometimes as easy as ABC though this factor varies from one sales rep to the other depending on varied circumstances like their knowledge and experience. Hence, sales work/job needs a different mindset.

This mindset of the sales game is very much changed with the sophisticated innovations in technology. Social media comes to our aid in the form of email and other effective tools which can reach every nook and corner of the world thus broadening one visions of success!

1. Sales Stats

  • Your clients receive an average of 200+ emails per day.
  • If you fail to cash in on, you’ll be out of the game!
  • We know that there are many such Sales Tactics and most of them get repeated in one form or the other! Keep Trying for a Successful Sale! All the Best!
email templates for sales

2. Sales Email Stats

  • Emails possess an active period between 2-5 P.M.
  • Tuesdays have the highest open rate compared to other weekdays.
  • 33% of email recipients open emails simply based on “Subject Line”.
  • Personalized emails which include Recipient’s “First name” in “Subject Line” possess higher open rates.
  • For Business to Business (B2B) Companies, the words “Alert” and “Breaking” perform well.
  • For B2B Customers, words like “Forecast”, “Intelligence” & “Report” fail to appeal.
  • Sales Development Reps (SDRs) experienced a 15% growth year-over-year in conversations per account (and across contacts).
  • 80% emails go undelivered which most marketing and sales professionals fail to know.
  • Other statistics may exist.

3. Telephone Sales Stats

  • Average Voice mail Response Rate is 4.8%.
  • A think tank expert of 50 sales reps leave about 1,277 hours of voice mails per month.
  • Sales reps involve their 15% of time simply leaving voice mails.
  • Optimal voice mail message is from 8 to 14 seconds.
  • Other statistics may exist.
Telephone Sales Stats

4. Sales Voice mail Stats

  • 80% of calls go to voice mail yet surprisingly 90% of first time voice mails are never returned.
  • 86% of our communication is tone on the phone wherein we actually use only 14% of words.
  • 6:45-9:00 A.M & 4-6 P.M. are the best times to call on Wednesdays & Thursdays.
  • 6:00 to noon on Mondays & afternoon on Fridays are the worst times to call.
  • 80% of sales people require 5 follow-ups after meeting wherein 44% of sales people give up after first follow-up itself.
  • 96% of sales people use LinkedIn at least once a week and spend an average of 6 hours per week on it.
  • 5% of Business to Business (B2B) sales teams consider social media as a successful lead generation method.
  • Other statistics may exist.

5. Bonus: Social Selling

  • Sales reps using Social Selling are 50% more likely to increase their sales and 73% of Sales reps who resort to Social Selling exceed at least up to 23% more.
  • 8-10 A.M. & 1-3 P.M. are best tweet times and morning to noon from Monday to Friday is ideally the best time to post on LinkedIn.
  • Content Marketing is so important that it can lead to an increase of 78% on your conversion rate.
  • Average organic reach for posts from Facebook pages in March 2015 was 2.6% of brand’s audience.
  • 84% of people surveyed in 58 different countries by Nielsen said they trust recommendations from people they know yet we even trust people we don’t know with 68% of respondents reporting confidence in online reviews.
  • Commerce orders coming from social media grew to 20% in 2014.
  • Other statistics may exist.

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