Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Effective HTML Template Design

April 21, 2017

If you are going to launch an email campaign, then choosing the right email template is the foremost question that comes to mind. Here in this article in which we will give you a detailed explanation on the free HTML email template. HTML email is an email that is formatted like a web page using the colors, graphics, table columns and links. Below we have discussed some of the features of HTML email template.

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1.Adjustable Color scheme

Customize the email template according to the company’s requirement. There are a vast variety of colors you can choose. Make your email template with enchanting colors to centralized the attention of the viewers on your brand.

2.Mobile Responsive

The HTML email template can be rendered according to the size of the mobile device. The clients can view the email template anywhere. There is no specific requirement of PC or desktop for viewing the template. You can easily access it on the smart-phone and from any place whether in office, home or while traveling.

3.Extensively Tested

The email template can be designed by thousands way. Before delivering the email template to the client, it can be checked. If any technical problem arises, it can be easily resolved to deliver the faultless email template to the client.

Technical Problems with HTML Email Template

There are some technical problems associated with the HTML email. Let’s have a look at the arising hurdles with the HTML email template and the methods to handle them.

  • Spam: If the coding of the email template is messy, then automatically the HTML email are delivered in the spam folder. The spam filters cross-check whether the coding is freshly made or being copied from the another word document file. If the coding is not copied, then there is no need to worry at all. It will easily get skip from the spam folder.
  • Coding Time: The coding of the HTML email is a little bit difficult from the HTML pages. The coding needs to be proper align to make it escape from the spam folder. CSS is also used for some specific purpose. While at many times, you need distinct HTML email templates for different requirement of clients.
  • End-User Display: Many corrections are left out regardless of how much efforts the developers and designers put into it. The main issue is how the email template is going to look to the end-user in the email. There are critical issues with the HTML email coding that might hampers at the last. Due to this, the email template delivered to the subscriber may differ from the original template made by the designers.
  • Image-Blocking: On a majority level, the users are reading the email without any image. There is a dead white space in the email instead of colorful and information text that leads to image blockage in the email.
  • Accessibility on Mobile: Nowadays, the maximum users are accessing the emails on the phone. The HTML email doesn’t get properly displayed on the mobile screens. Therefore, it’s a wise suggestion to view the email template on the PC.

For making the users engage with the email, visual graphics, presentation and the subject-line of the email should be highly amazing and exciting that thrills the subscriber to open up the email and have a glance over the email. The messages send in the format of the big paragraphs disinterest the reader’s attention to go through it. Hence, always try to write-up in the form of bullets and make mega-tag lines for each paragraph that pushes the client to read the entire message.

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