Which are the four ways to influence email marketing for audience engagement?

August 14, 2018

The digital times are changing- audience engagement and the email marketing dynamics too. The promotions now for the brands is done massively, but how does it not affect or influence the major right audience when it should?

Taking into the consideration the social media user data, Facebook has already started prioritizing the user content. This means, not all of your users will be able to read your content like it did in the previous times. In fact, there are many newly-introduced privacy policies to prevent the misuse of the user data – like GDPR.

GDPR, has made it difficult for the ad publishers to understand their user’s preferences and then sending them the targeted messages/content. In fact, in the recent marketing survey it was found that users/ readers put little or no efforts to view the digital ads- not even few seconds are spared by them to watch the ads.

This kind of circumstances invite the necessary changes to opt for the diverse channels like email marketing. Why email marketing? Because emails are the direct conversations or the communication medium between the brand and the customers. In fact, you can even use the automated email marketing tools to deliver the relevant emails to the target audience.

Email marketing is known to increase the audience engagement as it invites the preferred subscribers for your campaign. There are four conditions to influence the email marketing for the audience engagement, although there are many. Right from the preferences for the email template designs to forming the direct relations with the ad publishers.

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The social media ‘Newsfeed aspect’ on the newsletters

The instant information on the social media comes in the Newsfeed form. Scrolling through the profile, scanning the content and then reading the interested post. As an email marketer, you can achieve the same goals through the newsletter.

Get all your best stories together, curate them and then put it them together on the email newsletter. To present the newsfeed look, select the template having the organized list design. With the drag and drop, you can even customize the template design, making it clean and readable email template.

The title, description and the image- all the elements of the newsletter should be arranged with the tidy space. Choose the right font, image size and the description should be brief yet informative with simple language. The automated email marketing can help you to create the newsletters.

You create the newsletter first, schedule it on the specific date and time. While you schedule the newsletters to send, you are making sure that it gets delivered on the particular time and date, mailing it regularly on the same schedule. Such automation are important for audience engagement.

Crisp and relevant content

Audience engagement works well because of the content delivered to every inbox. How would you learn about the relevancy of the content? The short and eye-catching headlines marks the great beginning. Even the attractive images too makes the email content crisp enough.

Take an instance of the fashion newsletters. They have the relevant content with the stunning images. Few lines below the images grabs the attention well of the audience. In fact the content is instantly noticeable and also the type of the images such as GIF goes along well in the newsletter.

GIF grabs the attention in the quickest way, this makes the reader to spare some time to read the content given with GIF i.e moving images. You can create the GIF through the GIF creator tools available online. Of course the GIF are beautiful but what gives them attention is the content describing it well.

The eye grabbing content below the GIF makes the newsletter crisp and relevant, thus forcing the audience to click on the posts boosting the audience engagement. The experiments with the different images and the visuals can be done. Run the diverse email campaigns to test them.

It is observed that 87% of the email communication happens through the visuals. This means you can add the GIFs, small slideshows or even the mini clips/ videos to the content for the better audience engagement.

Allow the subscriber to set the email preference center

Ads are now off-trend i.e. audience now do not like the ads anymore, no matter how much the publishers or the advertising platforms select the target audience. Yet the publishers have one great opportunity to do so. They can send the hyper-targeted messages through the emails.

The emails actually let’s you know what kind of the messages does the readers want in their inbox. The email preference center further helps you to learn more about the customer’s choices in regard to the type of content. Through the email preferences, you can segment the contacts.

Email preference center makes it easy for the email marketers to segment the email list and send the relevant content based on the customer’s choices about their brand services. For the further detailed segmentation based on the subscriber’s email preference center, automation of the campaign can be helpful.

Direct communication with the advertisers

Because the digital ads do not provide the great ROI, that is why many publishers are now getting connected directly with the advertisers. As an email marketer, you can associate with the advertiser’s requirement and then work it together instead of just segmenting your preferences.

While you think for the association with the advertiser, you have to take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Data privacy protocol
  • Type of the ads audience responds
  • How to attach ads into the emails?

To work with the advertisers is the great opportunity to look for because it provides the revenue stream and the approach to add the relevant content into the emails in an organic manner.

Final words…

With the digital advertisements, the audience engagement had become difficult to maintain. Email marketing therefore proves to be the cost-effective communication tool. Combine the best email practices with the email automation, you can influence the email marketing to enjoy the increased audience engagement.

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David Jones

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