Which One to Choose- Reusable or One-Off Email Templates?

July 11, 2017

Distinguishing between the reusable and one-off email template and which one is good for your brand is a confusing question rather than a difficult one. The actual scenario is that the answer to the question lies within yourself? Just do ask yourself, do you want to a one-time investment or a lifetime investment for the email template designing? Or, do ask did you want to fix yourself with a consistent design pattern or did you want a new email template design every time.

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If you are able to give answers to all of these questions, then definitely, you will get a solution to which one to choose between the One-Off and Reusable Email Templates.

Why Email Marketer Choose One-Off Emails?

1. Unique and New Ever-Time:

The one-off email templates are always different and awesome. Those persons who doesn’t like to repeat the things in the life will definitely like it. These one-off email template will impress the viewers, as it will always excite the customer with the new ideas and innovation.

2. Best Opted by the #Travel and Tourism Industries:

With the usage of GIF and cinema graphs in the customized email template, you can better allure the customers. As far as travel and tourism industry is considered, they require powerful and eye-catching images with the orientation and other special effects for capturing the attention of the viewers. The problem can be best resolved by One-Off email template for anyhow getting the attentiveness of the customers.

3. Ultimate for Creating Event Invitations:

The event invitations or welcome emails are the ones that reaches the user at the very first time. Therefore, they need to be distinctly created with highly innovative ideas and creativity. After the delivery of first email, the chances of getting the lead is too much high. Hence, they are the ultimate emails that ought to be precisely designed and taken care off.

Reasons for Choosing Reusable Templates?

1. Increases the Productivity:

Every time when you are involved in a new project, you need to create a new email template. Adversely, on the opposite side, with the leverage of reusable template, you can edit the template and turn it out into a brand new one with a superb theme, alluring design and highly enriched information. Choosing reusable template option will help you out in doubling the profit as you will be saving the money as well as resources.

2. Branding:

As every retailer wants that its brand must long-lived and get appreciated from the customers. For making this turn into reality, you need to focus and study what are the strategy and email marketing planning followed by the years old brand. By deeply studying their case, you will figure out that all the major brands have a specific email template designed. Only they made a few changes as per the program, event or occasion.

3. Better Deliver ability:

As your brand will consistently follow the same email template design, therefore the chances of making a mistake in email template design is being zero percent. Strictly, it will be according to the guidelines of email template designing. Consequently, the ISPs will easily recognize your email and without any detailed checking, will throw it out in the customer’s inbox. In consequence, the deliver ability rate of the reusable email template is maximum.

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